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therapeutic phlebotomy, detox from blood donation ?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by vortex, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. vortex

    vortex Senior Member

    Has anyone had a detox reaction when blood is taken from you ?

    I have had a lot of blood taken on many occasions from blood testing and I notice a
    detox reaction and then I feel better after a while and the reaction clears, so it must be
    pulling toxins out of my tissues and moving it into the blood.

    I know that when I fly on a plane the cabin pressure is that of a 8,000 feet elevation
    and that causes a migration of fluids from tissues deep in the body out into the blood stream
    and it causes me to have a flareup. I think that when blood is taken, it can cause the same
    fluid migration from tissue to blood stream and cause a flooding of toxins into the blood stream.
    So even though I have a flareup I think it is therapeutic in the sense of getting toxins out of
    my tissue, but not so great because they stay in my bloodstream wreaking havoc and I am
    not sure how effectively my liver or kidneys excrete these.
    But blood letting would excrete a portion of the toxins for sure.

    my doctor is concerned about my high ferritin levels and prescribed therapeutic phlebotomy
    that involves giving a pint of blood like you are donating it but they throw it away because
    my blood is a biohazard and shouldnt be given to someone else like red cross donation.
    I havent done it yet, but I think I may pursue it for detox purposes.

    I know there is blood apheresis done where they purify the blood but it is expensive $2,000
    to $4,000 in the US. and hard to find and often overwhelming, so maybe period blood letting would be
    better for some.

    I guess I am going to do this therapeutic phlebotomy thing to support my detox regime, but its amazing how simple in design of a detox procedure this is, I am used to taking all kinds of complicated supplements, binders, bentonite, charcoal, chlorella, doing IV chelations, doing sauna therapy for hours, doing liver flushes. benonite baths, etc etc. but here just doing some old fashioned blood letting seems to be so simple and effective it has really blown my mind how possibly under rated or under utilized it is.

    anyone else using this technique ?

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