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test for celiac spores negative

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by hurtingallthetimet, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. hurtingallthetimet

    hurtingallthetimet Senior Member

    ive been dianosed with ibs..but doctor thoguht i had celiac but test come back negative...i was hoping for more answers to get help but seems like never any thinks more going on than ibs because of the problems im having...but seems like will never know
  2. mellster

    mellster Marco

    San Francisco
    I had stomach cramping/bloating for 2 years and a little still persists, try and investigate, the celiac test is very rudimentary and only tells you whether you have celiac disease or not but you might still be gluten intolerant. If you fix your gut you have a good chance of feeling better overall, test your B-12 levels as well as they impact the gut. Hope it will get better. Look into shakes that reduce inflammatory cytokines in the gut such ass inflammacore or gut feeling max. hope you feel better soon - cheers.
  3. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Hurtingallthetimet,

    One of the things we have been finding out over on the methylation menu is the Metafolin can relieve IBS. This is espcially when IBS is present along with angular cheilitis, peeling fingettips, skin problems, burning baldder, mood changes,burning muscles. Some people are just plain folate deficient for any of many reasons. Folic acid, folinic acid and vegetable food source folate can actually cause folate deficiency in some people.

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