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T Shirt Ideas for Fundraising

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by SeaShel, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. SeaShel

    SeaShel Senior Member

    On the now quite lengthy thread of the "FDA and NIH confirm WPI findings.." some tee shirt ideas started to be bandied about, and I thought it might make sense to start a separate thread for those ideas. We have so many talented and creative folks here, I imagine we can come up with some great shirts.

    I'd like to propose that we consider splitting profits between Phoenix Rising, WPI and Pandora (I know that's not correct but don't want to type all the periods). Would also propose that we keep the profit margin low so that we can all afford them.

    As an aside, I still have a tee from at least 15 years ago that was a fundraiser for I-have-no-memory-who. It has a big question mark where the front pocket would be and says "cfids" under that. On the back it something like "10 Things a Person With CFIDS Doesn't Want to Hear". I don't have the shirt with me, number 10 was "The Alarm Clock". That was the only flip item, the rest of them were pretty standard: "Have you tried ????" "You just need a vacation" yada yada

    Anyway, I have zero artistic ability, but am willing to help with the logistics of taking orders and even keeping and shipping inventory if other folks have the energy or inclination to want to work on this.

  2. muddipuppy

    muddipuppy Guest


    hi there,
    someone just linked me to your thread and i thought i'd share that i am selling cfs shirts that i designed on my etsy shop: if i can contribute/participate in any way to getting awareness UP let me know!
  3. jspotila

    jspotila Senior Member

    Muddipuppy, you have some lovely things in your etsy shop!
  4. Ever Hopeful

    Ever Hopeful

    Has anyone thought of selling Weaselly voo-doo dolls complete with pins for a mighty fine and fun fundraiser?? Better than a t-shirt any day - now maybe he can feel some of our pain! LOL

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