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Sudden Cardiac Deaths Linked to Lyme Carditis

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by MeSci, Dec 16, 2013.

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    I don't want to be alarmist, but this was in Friday's Physician's First Watch:

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    Borreliosis (Lyme) is not the only such pathogen. There were episodes of sudden cardiac death among Swedish athletes competing in orienteering many years ago. Autopsies showed massive damage to the left ventricle of the heart, but it took a long time to discover bartonella bacteria in the tissue. This was also believe to be transmitted from wild animals via tick bites, since the victims were free of lice, and did not use IV drugs.

    Another disease seen in childhood which causes similar damage is rheumatic fever, which involves streptococcus. Since this infection is not at all rare in humans, commonly causing pharingitis or strep throat, we still need to explain why it seldom results in massive heart damage. Some kind of immune impairment seems likely.
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