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Success with d-ribose & Energy Revitalization System

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Sherpa, May 19, 2014.

  1. Sherpa

    Sherpa Ex-workaholic adrenaline junkie

    I had severe Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome which I recovered from after 2 years of intensive supplement protocols, diet and yoga... but was left with a case of mild CFS. I was able to work (most of the time) but socializing was extremely difficult (half the time I would cancel, or I couldn't stay out past 9pm), exercise was challenging, and my overall quality of life with no friends and low energy was very low. I was depressed and often miserable. I spent a year in this state and made little or no progress.

    I came to this forum and learned about B12. I learned about Dr. Teitelbaum's "Energy Revitalization System" vitamin drink formulated for fatigue which had 500mcg of cyanocobalmin. I tried it and it seemed to work right away.

    But I still "ran out of steam" -- or ATP -- about 3 or 4 pm every day.

    I added d-ribose. I had tried it before intermittently and my body had different reactions ranging from wired to effective. I would also feel the energy drop off sharply after the ribose wore off, approximately 6 hours after dosing. It felt depressing.

    I started at 750mg dibose twice a day and fairly quickly worked up to 5 gram doses. 9am and 3pm... which gave me energy from 6am to 9pm. It felt good. My body was healed enough to handle the extra energy, my blood sugar was stable, etc.

    After about 1 month of being on 5 grams of r-ribose twice a day, I feel MUCH better. I feel like I did long before I started to descend into the abyss of chronic illness. I think my body has "Adjusted" to the ribose supplementation and it expects it, knows how to handle the energy, and doesn't get much .. if any... agitation or insomnia anymore.

    I've been feeling anywhere from "good" to "awesome" most of the time - a big contrast to the past several years :) :) :)

    My daily supplement mix is:

    1 scoop Energy Revitalization System
    1500mg powdered vitamin C
    300mg (half capsule) of NAC - N-acetyl-cystine
    5g of d-ribose 2x daily (9am and 3pm)
    Standard process Thyrotrophin PMG 3x a day
    400mg magnesium (mixed types)

    I know that I am "lucky" to get good results with such a simple regime but I did 2 years of round-the-clock efforts treating my adrenals, thyroid and diet before I got the the point where this could work.

    Hope this effects continue and may all attain!

    Jah bless.
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  2. place

    place Be Strong!

    I am where you are. I can work, but often can't make full plans without a chance of canceling. I upped my folate/mb12/carintine and seem to have made some improvements as I am now able to cook at night instead of being glued to the sofa. But I will see if this wears off. On the days I exercise, I use D-Ribose, and it helps greatly.

    I try not to take things everyday for fear that my body will adjust and it will stop working.
  3. Allyson


    Australia, Melbourne
    glad to hear the d ribose helps you Sherpa; I take it too - it does not give me more energy but is stops my muscles aching so it is worth it for that alone;

    place creatine is supposed to k like that if you take if before and after exercise - I did not find it worth pursuing really though


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