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Stupid Question ... or not :-p

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by funkyqueen, May 19, 2015.

  1. funkyqueen

    funkyqueen Senior Member

    South of France
    To those who have lymph nodes increased after exertion (physical or cognitive), have you noticed that you have a ganglion / lymph node area more sensitive / painful / swollen than others?

    Let me explain: all my lymph node chains begin to fight at the slightest effort, (groin, armpit under -mandibular, behind the neck / ear, and sometimes, mediastinal ... These are all my lymph channels, bi laterally which get underway ...
    BUT I noticed that a lymph node area was increasingly active / sensitive than the others under my jaw, left side (no abscess or chronic infection in the area, it is a consequence of ME)

    In hindsight, I would have liked that this ganglion was biopsed ...

    Have you noticed the same thing?
  2. GONZ0hunter


    Fragelle rock, USA
    My lymph nodes hurt constantly no matter what.
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