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Studies point to gene-based glitches in ill Gulf War Vets

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by leokitten, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Anything to do with the Gulf War troops were exposed to a lot of electropollution.
    We get very silly and think that's not possible.

    Our cells touch the air all around us.
    My father and my science teachers were in the RAF in the 50/60's.

    Any substance can be transmitted electrical. Over distance.

    In wontanmo bay they were using subliminal DVD tossing a player into a room.

    Combining infection and drugs.
    All to soften them up and control them.
    The same with troops on the ground.

    They would use frequencies to hype the troops.

    It's evolved from Tesla and others in about 1880. Present phase.

    That's what technology is based on.

    It's a change in polarity.
    Frequency does not exsists.

    The aircraft industry Bell and others know about it.
    Zero point energy
    Rife machines being used to heal.
    But they only mask.

    This energy is nuclear.
    The governments hide the fact.

    We now have this all over now infections
    are changed and so are we.

    The bees and butterflies are dying out and being replaced with Tick.
    My father told me this the military knew this. Tick will out service us humans.
    They are radiation resistant.
    In the U.K. the government removed Radiocommunications agency so new technology could get in without being observed whether it's intentionally or just
    by poor judgement the same problems are being created.

    The geni has escaped from the bottle.

    There have always been versions throughout time the Egyptians had batteries and pyramids. Atlantis had crystals.

    Stone Age had stones and the Earth.
    Healing sites are radioactive. It depends how much you are exposed.
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