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Stop taking all supplements and or drugs?

Discussion in 'Mast Cell Disorders/Mastocytosis' started by Nickster, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. mhrps


    Second that. When I have intense legs paresthesia I know for sure that I am in a very weak state.
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  2. Alvin2

    Alvin2 If humans were rational...

    Now that i think about it I've been thinking about stopping some of my supplements to see if i regress at all, mostly because of cost and sometimes a supplement helps but stops helping but its hard to figure out if its just the condition thats getting worse or its lost in the noise of being in constant PEM
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  3. Chocolove

    Chocolove Tournament of the Phoenix - Rise Again

    Sometimes we take something and find a beneficial effect and continue to take and end up with too much on board suffering the consequences from build up in the system. Or it causes depletion of other essential nutrients as is common with drugs... Then there are all those illegal addictive drugs that make you feel good while they destroy you. Feeling good in the moment isn't always a reliable indicator that something is good for you...

    At least vitamins and minerals are known essential nutrients...however they can be overdone. Often the gut dumps excess in a very noticeable manner to get our attention about this.

    It helps to know the half-life of a drug or vitamin in the system, and whether the body stores it normally or excretes it.

    However our bodies are often not in normal condition. Now we must decipher peculiar body responses often labeled paradoxical since our body is not operating in the normal mode. Definitely more complex.

    For instance, I happen to know that my adrenals are low functioning which gives me a clue as to my body's current operations. One consequence is that my kidneys don't get the normal amount of a certain adrenal produced steroid which makes the body store salt and excrete excess potassium.
    In low function one then does the reverse...wasting salt and water, but retaining potassium which can quickly deteriorate into a deadly state of affairs. However, it took me to research this as doctors never bother to go in depth as to this particular kind of electrolyte imbalance which is well documented in research. Finding out more about this allowed me to save my own life. Endocrinologists merely wait until adrenals fail with their one test and then put the adrenal insufficient on steroids for life...with horrible consequences. I would much rather rehab my adrenals and restore their function however doing so requires in depth investigation into one's individual problems and needs, something which doctors have no time/knowledge to do.

    Doctors don't have the time to educate us. We don't have the time and money to hire private doctors and researchers on a personal basis. So much for informed consent. At least we have the internet to try to do our own research. So we patiently test substances and check for deficiencies in essential nutrients in wide ranging research.
    Looking for the common denominators we sometimes meet each other. Thank heavens we have PR and the moderation team to keep things civil. We are the lucky who meet here trying to advance our health.
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