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Stool test confirmed candida,now what?

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by Steve-22, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Steve-22


    Hey forum members!

    Long time no see.I have been searching for the root cause of my health issues for years and finally getting closer to find the answer of why half my life has been pain and suffering.
    I've got the results of my GI Effects stool test.

    It surprised me that the test says I DON'T have parasites yet I don't have any idea what could explain for example the chronic dark circles under my eyes I'm having since age 10.
    It surprised me that I don't have anykind of inflammation either.

    What I have is candida and a digestion chart saying extremely high Triglycerides and Putrefactive SCFA both of them are in the red zone.
    At the absorption chart my Total fat and Cholesterol are borderline high.

    I lost my Dad due to pancreatic cancer and I don't know how to proceed from here,but I'm having the same symptoms he did in his sixties till one night his symptoms turned from bad to severe and irreversible. (I'm burping immediately after eating or drinking anything,I'm burping all day,constipated for days,stomach bloated all day,gassy)

    Started taking NOW Super Enzymes,limiting junk foods,drinking vegetable juices,pure non-flavored Nordic fish oil etc.No luck.
    I had high hopes with the Super Enzymes but I still get sleepy and lethargic after eating things.
    I can eat apples but at the cost of giving red patches on my face and makes me itchy like hell.
    There's no other food I can tolerate without brain fog/lethargy beside apples and they still make my stomach hurt.

    Also took NOW Candida Clear once but had no effects from it.
    My GI Effects test shows that Black Walnut,Garlic,Uva Ursi,Wormwood,Olive Leaf,Cats Claw are ineffective for my candida overgrowth and what would work for me are Goldenseal,Octanoic acid and Oregano.That supplement had Oregano so I don't know what to do.Maybe NOW is a "cheap" brand?

    I can't do the candida diet either,nor the water fasting because of my pancreas.
    Water gives me severe lethargy so I try to drink as less as possible during the day as much that my pee turns yellow-orange and it burns to pee.
    I even tried to filter the chlorine from water but it does the same thing for me,gives me stomach pain,brain fog and lethargy.So I just spend my days vegetating and have an hour or two when I can focus somewhat but only if I stay dehydrated.And I'm itching all day but got used to.

    The reason why the candida diet is a big NO for me is because I MUST EAT a lot and cannot exclude protein with carbs otherwise I get hypoglycemia.I suffer from it daily.
    I'm forcing myself to eat everyday,have no choice nor appetite but who wants to have hypoglycemia? It sucks so much!!! :cry:

    I would like to hear your thoughts.You would make me a happy man just by finding me a way to go through days without getting brainfog. :)
  2. Old Salt

    Old Salt Rowing the boat

    S/W Pa.
    I would get a liver ultrasound.
  3. WillowJ

    WillowJ คภภเє ɠรค๓թєl

    WA, USA
    hi Steve, sorry about your dad; that must have been rough.

    Some people do a candida diet with oral nystatin or something like that (I tried this but my doctor and I ultimately decided candida wasn't my problem, so it wasn't helpful for me... OTOH I still have stuff on my tongue so I do wonder about that).

    I'm not sure what you mean by "exclude protein with carbs". One can generally eat both protein and complex carbs on a candida diet. Can the professional who ordered your tests advise you? Or set you up with a dietician or anything?

    For a different problem with an infection, I'm using a probiotic which has specific action against the infection I've got. It's possible there is something like that for candida, although I haven't heard of anything maybe someone else knows.
  4. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque


    Caprylic acid works for me for maintenance (also use oregano now and then). Your candida supplement probably didn't have enough oregano in it). When you use herbals you need to titrate up to fairly high doses. I find that the Young Living Oil brand is very good. I put a few drops in an empty capsule with olive oil.

    I had to use diflucan plus diet (you can just eliminate refined carbs and sugars) to get it under control at first, but if your liver is problematic that might not be for you.

    Best wishes with this,
  5. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    I was in a support group meeting the other day, Candida was talked about, and the group leader mentioned a couple of products that are good. Let me know if you want me to find out what she said was good. Would be best to start a "conversation" with me to get my attention!

  6. Abha

    Abha Abha

    HI Steve-22
    I have had a bad candida problem for decades.I used to take too much sugar(none best!)and then NHS treatments(drugs)over a period of 7 years in earlier days made it much worse.One GP got angry with me when I mentioned it and said it was only a problem in USA!.A few days later I saw in the newspaper that a Hospital(St Marys?)in London was doing research on it(was years ago).I have spent lots of money re testing and all types of treatments(some from forums/boards) but I'm positive that it still affects me.Dr Simoncini has interesting views on it...worth looking/listening too...He connects it to cancer and there may be something in that.I believe he is(was?) a surgeon.Here is one link(youtube)...

    I have used sodium bicarbonate daily for a week at a time.Then I was advised to give it a 3 month break and repeat that every 3 months.Seemingly, it is advisable to use sodium bicarbonate without aluminium (obvious reasons!).I used the best I could find may have contained aluminium but no mention of that on container.In my case I think it relieves the symptoms.
    It might be advisable to add homemade sauerkraut to your diet too to help the gut flora(better than bought probiotics).Dr Mercola interviewed Dr Natasha Cambell Mc Bride(Russian Dr/London?) re illnesses and she mentions the benefits of homemade sauerkraut in treating illness like autism/CFS etc..Here is the link

    Lots on youtube too on how to make sauerkraut...something I should be doing myself!
  7. Steve-22


    Thank you for your answers! I have been talking to a professional today who wants me to order specific probiotics and MMS to kill candida.
    Meanwhile wants me to use isocort to support my adrenals.
  8. Junto


    Has your dr recommended antifungals? I think that would be your best bet. I don't think diet is very effective for candida aside from immune enhancing benefits of a good diet. Low carb is not going to kill fungi such as candida, they have mitochondria and therefore the ability to metabolize ketones.

    Your reactions to apples or other foods are likely due to leaky gut. Leaky gut can be caused by myriad of things but if you have Cfs/fibromyalgia it was likely caused by sibo. Sibo would also explain your fatigue and burping after eating. If you still get fatigue and gi symptoms after taking super enzymes you likely dont have low stomach acid.

    Keeping carbs under 600 calories will lower triglycerides as well as increasing saturated fats.

    To sum it up, get tested for sibo, have your doc recommend an anti fungal and watch your carb intake. I'll provide references later, I hate providing diet advice without referencing studies or papers.

    Also, according to your background you wrote up, dealing with your inner deamons is probably just as important as diet and drug considerations. "Severe inner tension" will manifest itself in poor health without a doubt. You should probably seek help through therapy. Meditation is probably a must.

    Good luck to you Steve.
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  9. mellster

    mellster Marco

    San Francisco
    Nystatin is very effective and even safe for kids - plus you can get it as capsules or liquid in a bottle. Good luck!
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  10. Cornichon


    Toronto, Ontario
    Hi I also have hypoglycaemia and Candida. The candida diet will actually help, because you eliminate all kinds of sugars including fruits, and stick to high protein foods, lots of veggies and some complex carbs like brown rice. I agree that cutting out carbs or fasting/juicing is not an option for me as well because of the blood sugar issue.

    When my candida was really severe like yours with constant bloating in the stomach I had to do 3 weeks of the strict diet, before I could start the 6 weeks or so of diflucan which was needed in my case to really kill the candida. There was a world of difference after that. After that I think you are ideally supposed to be able to keep it up with natural supplements/antifungals like coconut oil and low sugar foods as well as replacing the gut balance with good bacteria with probiotics. But I have not found this to be easy at all maybe I need daily coconut oil or other antifungal?? It's so hard to keep under control but it's nothing like it was.

    Lots of water is essential, maybe you need a good water filter, if some of the trace elements are bothering you? I understand it as helping to flush out toxins and being dehydrated makes you feel dizzy as I remember when I drank a lot of coffee and had less than 8 cups of water per day.
  11. It does sound like a combo of candida + leaky gut. I have symptoms of both. I keep the candida in check with antifungals - rotating between cats claw, caprylistat (caprylic acid), and GSE (grapefruit seed extract). Each one lasts about a year, then I have to switch.

    I haven't tried blasting it out yet with diflucan or nystatin. Rich Vank had recommended a supplement called Candex.

    For the food intolerances caused by leaky gut, you can do an Allatess test and find out what your intolerances actually are. I was aware of about 5 of them, but the test showed about 30. You can have drops made so you can eventually tolerate the problematic foods. They also suggest food rotation. I ended up just avoiding my problematic foods and a year later, I can eat about half of them again.

    The leaky gut can be caused by poor methylation, so that's something to look into. Addressing methylation is supposed to help it. This is going to be my strategy for addressing it (along with a bunch of other symptoms).

    I've done a couple rounds of a supplement called GI Benefits, which is glutamine + the kitchen sink. It may have helped with some acid reflux I was having. I don't know if it helped with leaky gut or not - possibly. I was doing a lot of stuff around the same time.

    Have you done a gluten free/dairy free diet? Gluten can cause a lot of strange, puzzling symptoms in those who are sensitive to it.

    I also recently saw on here a post about chloramines in water. This is another additive that can bother some people. It's not added everywhere, but you can go to your water company's website and they should post if they use it in your area. I don't think you can filter it out.

    It might be a good experiment to try some good bottled water for awhile to see you can tolerate that better than your filtered tap water.

    In general, a basic gut program would be gluten free/dairy free, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and betaine hydrochloride if you have low stomach acid. You can do the "baking soda burp test" (google it) to see if your stomach acid is low.

    You can take extra magnesium to help with the constipation. If you also have adrenal fatigue type problems, you're probably losing electrolytes like crazy and would benefit from drinking an electrolyte water solution throughout the day. I make up my own, which consists of magnesium glycinate powder, salt, and vitamin C, all dissolved in water. Some people also require potassium. Don't do salt if you have high blood pressure.
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  12. invisiblejungle

    invisiblejungle Senior Member

    In addition to the commonly-recommended antifungal herbs and medications, you should look into Lufenuron. It's a very interesting, very safe systemic antifungal medication that's primarily used for animals.

    2 sites that sell it:

    Personally, I think people get too hung up on the "anti-candida diet." What's more important is eating the diet that best provides energy for your body so your immune system and endocrine system are running optimally. I've heard of people eating nothing but green veggies and coconut oil for months at a time, trying to control candida...
  13. rlc

    rlc Senior Member

    Hi Steve-22, don't know if you have done this, but my opinion is you should see your doctor and get them to send you to a gastro as soon as possible, if you have a family history of pancreatic cancer, and are having the same symptoms. Then you need to be checked out by a good gastro ASAP, they will also test you for other possible causes of your symptoms, excessive burbing is also caused by these conditions they are all gastro diseases. and a good gastro should be able to sort out what is going on for you.

    All the best
  14. Creekee

    Creekee Senior Member


    So sorry you lost your dad to pancreatic cancer. My husband just lost his sister to it; what a horrible, horrible disease. You may want to check selenium. I found some info online that supplementing it may help to prevent pancreatic cancer. Might be an urban myth, but I've added it to my husband's pile.

    Lots of good wishes to you...
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  15. Steve-22


    Thank you Creekee,I've ordered trace minerals and will try to increase my selenium intake through diet.
    Anyways,I want to post my test results and would like to hear opinions.
    I have been told I have chronic yeast overgrowth.Hypothyroidism causing yeast overgrowth or yeast causing hypo? Egg or chicken.Either way I most likely have Hashimoto's as I'm skinny but have most symptoms for hypo.Have a good friend who has autoimmune thyroid and have the same problem as me.
    Skinny fat body,unable to build muscle despite exercise and diet,puffy face and puffy eyelids,feminime fat storage (hips,belly),narrow shoulders,poor bear growth,ED,ugly hair,cracky voice,constipation,fatigue fatigue fatigue... and these are only my thyroid related symptoms out of the 100 I have overall.

    If I could have just one wish then I would like to get rid of the low thyroid symptoms and feel like a man for the first time in my life. :cry:

    Current supps I'm taking:

    NOW Super Enzymes (3 tablets with meal)
    Vitamin A,D,E drops
    Probiotics: S.Boullardi ,Culturelle probiotic
    Zinc chelate (60 mgs every second day,at bedtime,sometime it gives me nightmares)
    Cod liver oil,liquid
    Oregano Oil

    For the past 4 days gluten and dairy free.Feeling better? No. I even get brainfogged from eating vegetables.
    Please,take a look at my GI Effects results:

    Thank you!
  16. Philla


    Hi Steve/Istvan!
    I Haven't got time to elaborate very much on this, so it will be kind of abrupt and based on my personal observations.
    Sorry for your amount of suffering, but it seems like you are on the right track. If anything needs to be clarified, I will of course try to..

    Having read through this whole thread I haven't seen any mention of Iodine, although many other avenues (gut dysbiosis, methylation vitamins, diet, etc.) are being extensively explored.

    So my additional advice will be: Have you been trying to take small amounts of Iodoral (or similar Iodine/Iodide supplement)? You say take selenium, but if you already are iodine deficient that won't help you much IMHO.
    I personally find David Brownstein's work on Iodine very compelling and interesting, esp. given the fact that all many of us have been exposed to chlorine, fluoride or bromide, which all compete for Iodine receptor sites in body. Although tap water in my country is unfluoridated, I think I actually "auto-induced" hypothyroidism by drinking 3 -4 strong brewed green tea (gunpowder) for two years. Don't believe the green tea hype, its fluoride content will outweigh benefits of EGCg IMHO :) I also had bad episodes of aquagenic urticaria after every time I swam in chlorinated swimming pools or when I showered in fluoridated tap water (during a trip to US 5 years ago). So, in other words, some people are more susceptible to chloride or fluoride toxicity...

    Your "smorgasbord" of symptoms and your methylation SNP's clearly show that thyroid problems and hashimoto (which is omnipresent in my maternal family) could be weak spots here. From my reading online and studying Yaskos material, there seem to be a lot of heterozygous MTHFR A1298C people who also suffer from low thyroid. BH4 is very crucial for tyrosine synthesis. Not sure if BH4 supplementation ( is beneficial, but ensuring the methylation cycle runs seamless, is paramount. From your supplement list, I cannot see any b complex with small amounts of methylfolate, b2, b3 or b6. My advice would be to check out Thorne Basic B Complex, very well rounded and not exagerated doses (which could aggravate your COMT ++). Here it is:

    From your introductory thread I saw that you had heterozygous ACAT and MTR/MTRR's, per Yasko both those SNP' s will affect electron transfer, krebs cycle and overall mitochondrial function negatively. To properly absorb and utilize Iodine in the body you need B2 and B3, which act as mitochondrial coenzymes. Stephanie Buist's ND (founder of Yahoo Iodine group) great compendium will elaborate on this, as I am just a novice on krebs cycle reactions. But the "bullet point" is, your SNP's could affect how you handle iodine in your body (due to lack of coenzymes from impaired methylation SNP's), and you might consider to supplement Iodine and mitochondrial co-factors along with the right diet and methylation supplements. Reading other peoples testimonials, there will be a period of "halide substition", where you will excrete fluoride, bromide and chlorine hidden in deep tissue. So, next advice will be to see if you can order an "Iodine urine excretion test" at your functional medicine practitioner.

    From Yasko, "Chapter 6":
    MTRR and Electron Transfer

    In addition to its use of B12, MTR/MTRR also contributes to electron transfer, along with two forms of vitamin B2, or riboflavin, flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) and flavin mononucleotide (FMN) as well as NADPH, a form of B3 (NADH and niacinamide). Oxygen inhibits the transfer process. In addition, MTRR acts as an aquacobalamin reductase to aid in the methylmalonyl CoA mutase reaction (MMA reaction)

    Take the one below with a grain of salt (as it's not very scientific or peer-reviewed).

    Stephanie Buist's Iodine Compendium Guide to Supplementing with Iodine.pdf
    Wish you healing, kind regards Philip
  17. Steve-22


    Hi Philip!

    Wow! That's amazing information! Thank you so much for explaining this in a language I can understand with my poorly functioning brain! Never took Iodoral before. I'm going to check for an iodine test I can order but I'm on low budget at the moment.
    So you are sensitive to chlorine too? I haven't looked into my introduction for a while and not sure if I mentioned this but in my puberty and early teens I was very athletic and attending to a school specialized in PE,taken to various athletic events etc. and were in top of everything but we had swimming classes and I was underperforming everytime and have been put in one group with girls because of my sluggish swimming performance,I got out of breathe very quickly and my muscles were hurting really bad.
    I had no clue back then what was wrong with me but now I know it was the chlorinated water.Since a month I have a chlorine filter and my stomach doesn't hurt anymore and I can think a bit better.Overall I'm feeling 5-10% better mentally.

    I'm afraid to take the methylation supplements yet.Tyrosine triggered panic attacks in me so I try to stay away from it.
    It might have been accident but I'm really scared when it comes to trying out new supplements.

    How do the methyl B-s make you feel?
    Thank you for the invaluable information and good wishes!
  18. Old Salt

    Old Salt Rowing the boat

    S/W Pa.
    Take the enzymes on an empty stomach also. Fish oil and magnesium with meals. See the web site
  19. Old Salt

    Old Salt Rowing the boat

    S/W Pa.
    I forgot to add, with these gut issues, there are always food allergies, mostly delayed, up to 12 hours. All of mine were only found by a good operator, useing an electrodermal device and a computer. Life saver for me. Wheat is the most common, most missed, is citric acid. READ LABELS!
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  20. globalpilot

    globalpilot Senior Member

    Hi Steve,
    I just wanted to touch base and let you know I have the same digestive symtpoms - the extreme burping is something you don't hear mentioned too often in the CFS circles.
    I have not been able to get rid of mine yet with direct measures (low carb diet, natural antifungals). I've yet to try some of the prescription antifungals.
    Like another poster said SIBO is another possibility. I tested negative but I'm still not convinced I don't have it.
    Anyway, I'd really like to talk to you more about possibilities of what could be causing this.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad. is there something you have both been exposed to ? Like mold in the home ? Or a virus perhaps ?


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