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Slow Blood Clotting

Discussion in 'Autonomic, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory' started by LilacGardenia, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. LilacGardenia


    I got a flu shot last week -- it's one tiny prick you'd think wouldn't even bleed, I had a 2 inch streak of blood going down my arm and had to ask the nurse for a band-aid. Today, I got a tiny scratch on my finger and it's been bleeding all day. I've literally gone through 3 band-aids. I also have a lot of bruises which is super annoying since it's going to be 70 degrees and I'll have to wear long pants or leggings.

    I haven' t had any kind of blood thinning medications, supplements, or foods, and my BP is at it's normal low. Since this happens often, I'm wondering if it's because the platelets can't travel as fast with such a low BP? I've never been diagnosed with hemophilia or any kind of blood clotting disorder, so I'm assuming it's a matter of slow platelet travel and/or slow response to clot? Does anyone else have this issue? :confused:
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I'd personaly think slow response to clot. I say this as I have low blood volume and have found that I can cut or prick myself and not bleed at all when I should but then when I hydrate myself better eg 20 mins or so later if Im drinking a lot of water.. I then suddenly get a delayed bleeding reaction I should of gotten earlier and start bleeding cause of the deep pricks which obviously didnt get a chance to bleed and heal earlier.

    My blood not getting into the areas well is causing those areas not to bleed eg I couldnt get any blood for glucose test.. I ended up using my skin pucturing device on the highest setting and couldnt get my finger to bleed .. if low BP affects the blood flow, I'd think it would do a similar thing as what my blood is doing with low blood flow causing less bleeding not more bleeding so I dont think your issue is slow platelet travel
  3. Kina


    Sofa, UK
    LilacGardenia -- I don't have this particular problem but do know a little bit about it. Slow clotting time can be caused by platelet deficiency, not enough or missing clotting factors, or anticoagulant therapy (which you are not on).

    When absolute platelet numbers are less than sufficient = Thrombocytopenia

    Thrombocytopenia is usually the result of the bone marrow not making enough platelets or the platelets are destroyed faster than the bone marrow makes them

    Immune disorders, drug therapy, viral infections, bacterial infections, Vitamin B12/folic acid deficiency are a few things that can cause decreased platelet numbers.

    We also need the correct clotting factors and vitamin K deficiency is one thing that causes decreased clottting ability.

    A simple blood test can show any abnormality in platelet counts. Generally, mild thrombocytopenia does not require treatment. Severe thrombocytopenia requires blood transfusions.

    Have you ever discussed this with your doctor related to VitaminB12 deficiency or possible infections etc.

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