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Skin under eyes sensitive, slightly puffy and blue, & glasses feel heavy/uncomforable

Discussion in 'Skeleton, Skin, Muscles, Hair, Teeth, and Nails' started by InitialConditions, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. InitialConditions


    Reading, UK
    Hi all,

    One of the more noticeable physical changes since I got ill has been discomfort just below my eyes. My skin looks like its thinned dramatically, with the appearance of fine blue veins (or capillaries?). The area is also slightly swollen so I have this distinct ring around my eyes.

    The area is also very sensitive and almost has this buring pain. In addition, for a year or so my glasses have felt uncomfortable on my face. I am aware of their presence all the time - it's a horrible symptom because it feels like I just need to take them off, which I sometimes do.

    Anyone ever experienced anything similar?

  2. Billt

    Billt Senior Member

    New Orleans
    My son has the exact same issue. We have tired several different glasses but they just hurt him. even if he leaves them on a short time he gets deep indention's in his skin. Very painful.
    And yes, it is like his kin has thinned. Sun burns him if he is just in it a short time. He has also started to have legs issues with red dots like small veins are breaking. Very strange for sure.
    Wish I could tell you what helped, but so far nothing.. Your not alone.... Billt
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  3. rel8ted


    When I worked as an optician, I quickly realized that skin thinning was going to happen someday. But, I hoped to be like most people not develop it until much closer to 80. It is not uncommon to see the pigment lessen and allow those veins to show through. I am VERY light skinned already (I say my skin is crystal clear), so that has been a problem for a good while. I have always wondered if better sleep or more time in the sun would alleviate the issue.

    Things to try for your glasses:
    1.) Find a very kind and patient optician
    2.) Of you have a metal frame, you can have the pad arms adjusted to make them sit ever so slightly further from your face so the frame does not hot that under eye area.
    3.) If the weight bothers the bridge if your nose, you can have larger pads put on to distribute the weight over a slightly larger area
    4.) Some people find that the silicone pads feel softer on the bridge - they are the most popular these days.
    5.) You may be able to find a stick on pad to put on the nose pads. These will most likely be in an eyeglass reapir kit. Opticians hate them because they are a very temporary solution and don't always adhere well. clean the pads well with alcohol if you attempt this.Any oils left on the frame will prevent adhesion. And, if you are wearing a no-line bifocal, it is possible that the stick on pad will mean you need an adjustment as it will raise the lens in front of your eye. Not always, but maybe.
    6.) I never, ever recommend a plastic frame for anyone with "issues" because most of these options are not possible with plastic
    7.) When you purchase new eyewear, get the lightest weight lenses you can afford. You've got to wear them all the time. It is worth it not to be uncomfortable.

    And lastly, if you have a Costco in your area and want a good pair of glasses, get a price from them. I worked for a discount optical chain, got a store discount and it was still cheaper to go to Costco. They have good quality frames, get the RX right and the last time we got glasses, we over $400 on 2 pairs.
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  4. Billt

    Billt Senior Member

    New Orleans
    Thanks for all the ideas. We have tried the pads for his nose. Also tried very light weight behind the ears on glasses to lift the glasses off the nose.. Most of the time he just try's to leave his glasses off

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