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should I do these tests: Elit-Gen-F and organix, or others?

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by Xisca, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Xisca


    As those tests are very expensive, and as they do not even tell me how I will be treated after getting the results, I wander to what point it will satisfy ...only my curiosity, or will help for treatment.

    I am in Spain but there is a lab working with Genova (American)
    and they propose this test:
    in English:
    and a very costly genetic test:
    (I cannot find it on genova's website)

    They "gave" me a doctor who send me a questionnaire and told me to do those 2 tests.
    I have not seen the doctor at all, as I do not live in the same island (Canary, I moved there for the weather, you guess why....), and we are suppose to have an appointment after doing the tests, either I travel or we have through Skype!

    I already know much about my problems, but never got satisfiying treatments either... and anyway I will not take drugs that treat you and give you another problem or resistance, so no antibiotics nor antivirus etc.

    Or what other tests?

    I fit in those problems that are supposed to be linked to fatigue:
    - Accidents and temporo-mandibular problem, tooth extraction, whiplash.
    - virus and slight Lyme
    - reaction to some molds but still do not know which ones. It made me super ill this summer as the contamination went undetected by my stuffed nose during weeks.
    - sinus problems so I guess molds are growing there.
    I was never proposed tests about this.

    Important as life-long problem:
    - Low metabolism from birth. I want to know if I have a Krebs cycle problem.
    I always had pains and aches with very Little exercise.

    I supposed genetenics played a role when my father started to have muscle atrophy. I feel my muscles never responded to my level of activity (though for sure it helped me not to "go down", through my life).

    A normal blood test last year gave all normal but a high glycemia (I have this since childhood) and low progesterone (premenopause). Mg and thyroid were normal for example. But only this year I went back to a bad health.
    Now: methylcobalamine is the best supplement I found!
    I had to double the normal dose after 4 days, and still ok like this, 2000mg.
    I got also improvement from p5p with Mg.
    I take vit A-D-K
    For guts, diatomeous earth got me much better, I never forget this 1st thing in the morning.
    And also I take solgar digestive enzymes and add some betaine hcl at least when I have a meal with meat.

    Thanks for help before I decide to go to the bank and make the money tranfer!

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