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Short time energy givers are overrated?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Frank, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    Do you guys agree? I'm thinking of substances like:

    -Co Q10

    These things are very expensive and seem to be very short term help (if any). I think the best investment as non-lasting energy giver is Hydroxycobolamin (B12) injected intramuscular or maybe sublingual tablets. Anyway i'm not gonna use any of the list no more.
  2. Jody

    Jody Senior Member


    I haven't used any of the list but I have used B12 and I'd like to use it forever.

    My naturopath was planning on giving me the shots but after the first one, I was teetering on the edge of a bad flare of tendinitis (arms and shoulders are very vulnerable to it) so we couldn't proceed. Take the tablets, though, under the tongue.
  3. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    I have used them all for long periods of time....I have to agree that all seem to be a waste of $$, except the CoQ10. I am all for any quality anti Oxidants even if I see no results because of the overload of Lipid peroxides we have. I really don't want to get Cancer after all these years trying to put this monster down.

    Also, who knows about the B12. I have been taking IM B12 for years with no immediate discernible difference when I take it...but maybe it is helping and I just cannot pin it to that. And as we all know, testing B12 levels in the blood is a waste of time. But, the D-Ribose and especially the NADH are out for me since they are so expensive and seem to have little to no effect. L-Carnitine is cheap, so why not give it a go.

    It's seems impossible to get a one size fits all as far as treatment for CFS. But, we can try what has worked for others and see what we get.
  4. Tony

    Tony Still working on it all..

    Melbourne, Australia
    I used to get a nice boost with CoQ10 when I took it with the B12 injections. But it didn't last. I was taking 200mg and it was good for several weeks. I still take it but at 100mg nowadays.
    I've tried adding 200mg per day but it does nothing at all.
  5. Frickly

    Frickly Senior Member


    These are very expensive. I take D-ribose Co Q10 and L carnitine. D-ribose is the only one I take for short term help with energy. I always take it before I make dinner so that I have enough energy to stand. I think if your energy level is low enough you will try anything. However, I have recently stopped taking it because it is so expensive and I have been feeling good enough to drop it.

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