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Seeing Dr Powell: anyone know about transport in the Sacramento Area

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by health_seeker, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. health_seeker


    US Pacific North West
    Going to see Dr. Powel: anyone familiar with Transport options in Scacremnto
    Hi Everyone:
    I have an appointment to see Dr. Michael Powell in Sacramento CA this Thursday. I actually read about Dr. Powell on another website which provides information and discussion forums on chlamydia Pneumonia. I feel like this or some kind of chronic respiratory type infection has been a big part of what's going on with me, at least for the last couple of years. I've been on Immunovir for over a year now and take lots of immune support sups. but still feel like there is some infectious component of my illness that these treatements haven't addressed. I have a lingering tightness and congestion in my lungs which is especially noticeable during aerobic activities like swimming. It was a really bad chest infection that caused my CFS to get really bad a couple of years ago and I've had one of these every winter since and I end up losing all the ground that I've gained. Dr. Powell believes that Chlamyidia Pneumonia plays a role in CFS. In addition to treating CFS with anti-virals, methylation support, hormones etc, he uses a combined Anti-biotic protocol to treat Chlamydia Pneumonia infection.
    My apologies for rambling on. It really helps to write this out. My energy and concentration haven't been their best lately and I feel like I might have missed something really obvious in researching this. It's really hard with brain fog and then I have to rely on a screen reader that doesn't always tell me everything that's on the screen. So if there's anything obvious here missing from this explanation, please feel freee to chime in. In any case, I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has seen Dr. Powell, and especially from anyone who has had experience with a combined antibiotic protocol in treating Chlamydia Pneumonia.
    My real concern though about next Thursday is geting to Dr. Powell's office. I live in Oregon and will be flying to Sacramento and then flying back to Oregon the same day. As I've mentioned in a number of my previous posts, in addition to having CFS, I am also totally blind. My husband can't make the trip with me because we can't afford it. One of the few things which makes me fearful is the thought of getting into a taxi by myself in a strange place with a stranger and have them drive me somewhere when I have no idea where we're going and I've know way of knowing whether the amount of money he's charging me for the trip is what's really on the metre.
    When I was healthy I would avoid this situation by researching the mass transit options ahead of time and taking the airport shuttle into the downtown of whatever city I was going to and winging it from there. After asking a few peopleI would usually get where I needed to go. But now with CFS that kind of situation really triggers the worst kind of PEM for me. And the trip from the airport on mass transit will take almost two hours. Dr Powell's office says that they are 20 minutes drive from the airport. So my real question is:
    does anyone have any experience with reliable and trustworthy cab companies or limo services in the Sacramento area that they could recommend? Also my flight back isn't until 8:20pm that evening and I can't survive that long without something substantial to eat. Does anyone know of somewhere either on the way back to the airport or near Dr. Powell's office where I can get a meal that's moderately healthy and reasonably priced. Chinese, middle Eastern, or South Asian would all work, along with tradditional American. The address of Dr. Powell's office is 650 University Ave Sacramento CA. Before asking my husband to look at Google Maps for me I thought I would ask on here and see if there is anyone living in the area who might know of anywhere.
    Any information about food or transport that anyone has would be really really helpful. Thanks!
    Sorry for such a long post.
  2. Hope123

    Hope123 Senior Member

    Caveat: I have never been to Sacramento but here are some ideas based on my past travels. Since I get sick easily from walking/ travelling, I plan any travel down to the nitty gritty details, including specifics like how far I have to walk before I go somewhere. The great thing about the Internet is that you can "virtually travel" somewhere before you go there.

    For taxifare, you can estimate using sites like the following, which also have some local cab numbers. Google "taxi fare."

    Also, you can book a taxi beforehand, like a day or two before, giving them the place and approximate time you need them; where you are are going; ask them how much it would cost and get the name of the person who quotes you the fare. Hold the taxi driver to the cost. You can also ask the person at the taxi dispatch office for the name and driver ID # of the cab driver. Cabs are regulated and have to have ID displayed in the taxi. Don't tell them you are blind ahead of time but say something like the person taking the cab doesn't speak English well and the more info the person has, the better it would help them navigate.

    Airport site has transport options:

    Your other option, which might be a bit more expensive is a private car service. Google and compare prices. The advantage is you have an assigned car which might be at your beck and call during your visit. Here is one example:
    [Don't let the limo put you off; the price doesn't necessarily go up because of the limo -- if no one books, the company needs to make money even with just one passenger.]

    For food, Using the address you gave and Yelp:

    Alternatively, the Sac International Airport has food:
    Please do not hesitate to make use of airport staff to help you out; there are people specifically at airports to help disabled folks. Tip them a small amount for their efforts. [Disabled services]

    Finally, there is an active ME/CFS group in Sacramento you can ask for ideas possibly:

    Good luck!
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