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Safest hypertension medication?

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by lift, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. lift


    I'm in a bit of a situation. I've been on coversyl for about 3 months. Initially it did a great job with keeping BP down(went from 145-170/90-110 down to 120-140/80-90). A few weeks ago I started having a swallon throat feeling but not necessarily throat swelling in size, it just feels like it was swollen. And in the past couple of weeks I began having labored breathing and a head pressure feeling when laying down. I put these symptoms down to a dental infection/large cyst I have in my jaw that was discovered last month(this will be addressed in 2 weeks).

    Last week I decided to stop taking my BP meds to see how it effected my anxiety, fatigue, sleep, stomach bloat and other symptoms. And at the same time I started doing an elimination diet(diet mostly potato, rice and chicken). After a couple of days the head pressure, labored breathing, bloating and throat feeling went down significantly if not entirely. I assumed it was the diet.

    However today, I took my BP and it was 150/98 so I decided to go back on the conversyl, I took 1/2 a dose(2.5mg). But not long after taking it I noticed a bit of heavy breathing, some throat sensation and anxiety.

    So now I'm in a jam, the conversyl which was initially producing no symptoms, appeared to be causing some pretty bad symptoms. Obviously I am going to discuss this with my doctor, but what alternatives should I expect?
  2. Sherlock

    Sherlock tart cherry etc. for joints, insomnia

    Czechosherlockia, USA
    It seems you have a variation of the famous "ACE Inhibitor cough". You'll probably get switched to an ARB.

    For least side effects, maybe ask to try a thiazide diuretic - or a potassium sparing diuretic if that fits better with CFS.

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