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Researchers investigate four promising new treatments for Lyme disease

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by shannah, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. shannah

    shannah Senior Member

    March 29th, 2016


    "The team is pursuing four arms of treatment-related research at Northeastern's Antimicrobial Discovery Center, which Lewis directs.

    They are: a mouse study of a regimen that eradicated the bacterium in the test tube, setting the stage for human trials; antibiotic cocktails using existing drugs; strategies to discover new drugs that selectively target the Lyme bacterium; and ways to alter the composition of the microbiome—the community of microorganisms inhabiting the human body—to stop the autoimmune reactions that characterize the disease.

    All four show exciting promise. The grant, Lewis says, "will give us the flexibility to test our approaches in parallel, which will save us an enormous amount of time."
  2. duncan

    duncan Senior Member

    Makes one wonder how the IDSA types can look anyone straight in the eye while they deny persistence, i.e., chronic Lyme.
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