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Reduced By Probiotic Bacteria Sepsis Risk (and more) For Newborns

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Jennifer J, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Jennifer J

    Jennifer J Senior Member

    Southern California
    I heard this on the radio yesterday, another promising study involving probiotics! :thumbsup: (Highlighted parts were done by me.)

  2. Jesse2233

    Jesse2233 Senior Member

    Southern California
    Very interesting! Especially in light of what Wenzhong Xiao and Kenny DeMeirleir have said about sepsis so closely mirroring ME
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  3. Hutan

    Hutan Senior Member

    New Zealand
    This was interesting although the article gives no further details on these bacteria in the Asian fermented vegetables.

    Thank-you Wikipedia:
    Lactobacillus kimchii is a bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacterium of the genus Lactobacillus. It is named for and found in the Koreanfermented-vegetable food kimchi.​

    Bacteriocins are proteinaceous or peptidictoxins produced by bacteria to inhibit the growth of similar or closely related bacterial strain(s).​

    Which leaves me uncertain - would it be good to eat kimchi when taking probiotic supplements? Perhaps the kimchi bacteria will help kill the bad bacteria. But perhaps they will kill other good lactobacillus species. Maybe it's best when first trialling a probiotic supplement to not start eating any new fermented food.

    Ha, the more we know, the more questions there are.

    By the way, I'm still feeling, after a couple of weeks, that the Vivomixx probiotic (=VSL#3) (which has a number of Lactobacillus species) is helping. Stools have gone from Bristol #6 or 7 (mushy/liquid) to #5 (solid). And my skin has cleared. Those two things are very objective and welcome changes and happened in the first week. I think I also have more energy so long as I don't get excited and do too much.
  4. ME3


    Thank you for all this information. I'm not medically trained, nor am I good with social media, but I do follow all these threads. They are so helpful. I would like to say that I have taken probiotics for about 4 years now and doubled up on my dose after an episode of what has been called by several different names. Psychosis, Sepsis and Encephalitis is another possibility. I was interested to hear Dr Charles Shepherd say he had encephalitis with chickenpox.

    Infections cause delirium for me and also caused a TIA (mini stroke). I have never had any signs of mental illness or depression, anxiety etc. I have constant pressure in my head and at one time said my scalp felt so sore, only washing my hair eased the pain. It was as sleeping on bricks and I use soft pillow protectors rathe than pillow cases for my face pain. I also suffer with Episcleriti(Inflammation of the whites of the eyes). Light sensitivity and neuropathic pain in the eyes.

    I was told it could only be diagnosed correctly in hospital, but I was put into a mental health ward as many have said happens to them. I'm desperate to know the correct diagnosis. Perhaps some suggestions please?

    Since I doubled the probiotics, I have remained well with regard to having no further infections that caused delirium so I do believe they work well for me. They mainly contain Lactobacilus acidopholus, L Bulgaricus, L salivarius and Bifidobactarium. 3 Billion per capsule. (now 2 per day). I don't understand the differences but hope it means something to those more knowledgable.

    There was a programme here where I think 2 people were making their own fermented vegetables and it showed how. They were saying about the beneficial bacteria, but it must be done correctly. Sorry I can't provide a link or remember which programme. Maybe someone else saw?

    I hope more studies are done around this and of course all others continue with break throughs for us all.
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