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Recurrent Infections- with EBV

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by student, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. student

    student Senior Member

    @ R e n a t e titels: „often infections“
    See this urgent cry for help. In EBV - CFS with Infketions every 4 weeks for 4 mounth. on iv. Vitamin C / Alphalipon.

    Thanks for tips and your concern. My main-problem is not the fatigue – but the infections and bone aking with headakes. I had 1- 3 weeks rest. But just now I am ill again. That had taken 7- 10 days and it was like this for 4 mounth now. What helped was Vitamin C high dose- (intravenous) Infusions and Alphalipon- Infusions.

    I do not dare to leav any of these iv Infusions out. Because I have still verry often these Infections.I have tried many things already. At this time I treat with „Eberrauten“-Tee. This is suposed to bring up my cd-Killer cells.
    My question: Have you read simmilar conditions in the other forums? Will you please help me to present my case? Some EBV viruses were found in me. Whether they could cause these things?

    (Let me now - give her full - german version… „Thank you Student…“)
    danke für deine Tips und Anteilnahme. Mein Hauptproblem ist nicht die Müdigkeit sondern die Infekte und hierdurch Gliederschmerzen und Kopfweh. Zurzeit habe ich zwischen 1 und 3 Wochen Ruhe. Jetzt bbin ich gerade wieder krank es dauert dann eine Woche bis 10 Tage so ca. die letzten 4 Monate. Geholfen haben mir wohl VitC Hochdosisinfusionen -10g- und Alphaliponsäureinfusionen.
    Ich traue mich nicht sie abzusetzen, da ich immer noch stark infektanfällig bin. Habe auch schon vieles probiert. Zur Zeit mache ich eine Kur mit Eberrautentee, dies soll die Killerzellen erhöhen.
    Meine Frage an dich, du bist viel in Foren unterwegs,hast du das schon öfter gelesen evtl. auch in englischsprachigen Foren, dass jemand solche Probleme mit Infekten hat.?
    Ist der Infekt weg, scheine ich wieder über alle Kraft zu verfügen und kann viel schaffen.
    Leider fühle mich momentan sehr schlecht und muss jetzt aufhören zu schreiben.
    übrigens einigelebendige EBV Viren bei mir gefunden ob die das ganze verursachen?

    best wishes @ Renate
  2. sillysocks84

    sillysocks84 Senior Member

    Dr. Nancy Klimas speculates what could be happening is if cfs/me is viral from EBV, it could be caused from a larger than normal reservoir of b cells. Which is why she thinks rituximab is working in some.
  3. student

    student Senior Member

    Now - See @Caledonia‘s (PM) post-

    Hi Student, I hope I'm understanding your question. This person is on intravenous Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and is having recurring Epstein Barr infections.

    If she has mercury, the ALA will chelate the mercury. If the ALA is not taken on certain schedule (every 3-4 hours) it will cause mercury redistribution. Mercury can impact your immune system, cause bone and muscle aches, fatigue, headaches and more - basically all of the symptoms she is having.
    Question - did these symptoms start or get worse sometime after starting the ALA? Does she have a history of mercury exposure, such as from mercury amalgam fillings or vaccinations, or eating a lot of fish with mercury such as tuna?

    The other thing you can do is get a Doctors Data Hair Toxic Metals and Elements test and get it interpreted with Andrew Cutler's counting rules at the Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo group to see if she has mercury or other toxic metals.

    More info on Cutler’s protocol is available here:

    This is the correct hair test to get for the Cutler protocol (ironically, the cheapest from Yasko):

    When you receive it, ignore Yasko’s and Doctors Data’s comments and instead submit it to the Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo Group for interpretation.

    (Yes- ever so hlepfull. Thanks a lot @caledonia)
  4. student

    student Senior Member

    Update. What a releaf! I asked her to make contakt and Renate did call back.

    Ok – there is much diffrence in this Regime to what forum readers use. ALA 600 mg plus the 10 g Vitamin C are used twice a week by the German University doctors. Starting with Vitamin C Infusions – she added 600 mg ALA after the first 6 weeks. She clearly felt releaf and not any oft he worthening of symptoms after starting the ALA. (As often with our illness – The better value shortly after starting Therapie slowly shrinks.) So from 4 weeks, she had 3- 4 weeks of releaf, than more towards 3 weeks. And now sometimes only the 2 weeks rest – befor a new series (cycle) of infections would start for 7- 12 days.

    So first of all I had a long conversation. Talking through details and finding a much

    Fill up minerals after ALA use, She is aware of using Q10 before much exercise.
    (For this time – any urgency of this request has been handeled.)
    I have learned this: There is 2 ways of – handeling ALA (alphalipon acid) – here.
    (1) It was not what is feared much in Poisons and Mercury moving (chelation). It is hoped that there seems to be influences were she can profit from this.

    (2) She has not reported signs of much spreading of poison – and it does not show adding to her neural-problems most feared. Only long run could possibly reveal more.

    (3) To fill the reserves of minerals (acording to some knoledge of Cuttler’s Regime) is improtant. After Anamnesis at least my worries for an acute worsening calmed down. And she is acording to circumstances doing fairly well.

    Regards student.
    This EBV Specialist, prof Scheibenbogen (Carité, Berlin) would not be usefull for the acute cliniqu support - . Umwelt- (inviroment) illnesses at is the CFS - adress to travel to (with a hospital admission paper from the lokal doctor) in Germany.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
  5. @student - this still possibly fits with mercury toxicity. If she had mercury toxicity before taking ALA, that could impact the immune system, causing the issues with EBV reactivation. If she took ALA that would cause some chelation and people can feel better when they're chelating, plus the ALA would be doing its job with the immune system. However, sometime afterwards there will be mercury redistribution (because it's only taken twice a week) and then she would feel bad again - possibly much worse because she is now stirring up mercury that was stored away in the body.

    So the question is - do her symptoms fit this pattern?

    A hair test as I described could tell you more.
  6. student

    student Senior Member

    Todays Update: My first job – was to have her on telephone contact. (That was done today). Trying than to decern – wether or not an urgent hospital admission can be advisable for him. (I would say no!) Althoug she was clearly in the Low (set back) phase and that is coming more often these days. As for the howl situation, she argued to feel more towards the positiv side. So I tried more to listen and learn to slow down with my own wishes for new activity. And Now I am verry intrested to continue this discussion in order to learn far more from this case.

    Cutler has sat standarts. It is verry good to have that in mind. And this quality approch suits much better for repeated self infusions. / But this concept is designed to be an office procedure. It can no more aim at a verry low and more safe continual form of Cuttlers inflow. It will end up – being reduced to a few stops at the doctor for the therapie. Like here twice a week for an Infusion.

    This Regime: An equivalent for daily dose. vitC 1.7 g, ALA 180 mg, B 12. 440 mg (= per week she gets two intravenous Injections: Vitamin C 2x 10g, ALA 2x 600, B 12 2x 1500mg.) Plus other basique suplements – a cd-killer supporting (Edelrauten herbal german) Tea .

    After her week 6 on Vitamin C she started to add ALA. She was on B 12 right from the start.This Regime has continually grown her strength with every Injection of week 8. Untill she was upto the level were she is happily walking. With daily Q 10 support she would walk for 3 hours up and down the hills. And it already felt like nearly all things were possible again. Though continually she had these down phases. With infections and she would feel like EBV Virus is coming back. (No signs of herpes labialis, although she just had that once.) And all of this unwanted phase had verry slowly slowly grown more.

    Things that were not so clear: A Lympozyt tranformation tested Lyme (low) probable. Not a clear answer. CFS was not diagnosed. It was never clear how far – to what extend all of this was an early SEID in the first place. The Koncept of pacing (holding back part of the gained energie – for long term build up) would probably give guidlines and could help him. The set of konzeptual Tasks – like the SHINE strategie. (1. sleep, and 2. hormones …) is advisable.
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