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Recruiting now in Australia for NCNED Study (ME/CFS patients and healthy controls)

Discussion in 'Active Clinical Studies' started by Mark, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Mark

    Mark Former CEO

    Sofa, UK
    I received this today via email with request to publicise it...

    Dear all,

    NCNED would like to thank all participants, however, we are still looking for more! If you would like to participate as a ME/CFS PARTICIPANT or as a HEALTHY CONTROL or know of anyone that would like to participate, you can help us by donating blood to assist us in finding an immunological biomarker for ME/CFS.
    Please call (07)56789283 or email ncned@griffith.edu.au for more information and to organise an appointment.

    Participants blood collection site are in Gold Coast and Brisbane area:
    1. Robina Hospital,
    2. NCNED Center (Griffith Univeristy on Parkland Drive)
    3. Logan Hospital
    4. Royal Women Brisbane hospital
    5. Tweed Hospital

    As this study is commencing in November, please contact us directly as dates are filling up.

    Thank you
    NCNED Team

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  2. fromstrawtomore


    Brisbane, Australia
    The same group (NCNED) are doing another study this year (2014), collecting samples in May. It will be a follow-up to the moderate/severe study done last September/October which has led to two studies being published so far (see here and here). They are hoping to track the people from last year over time and also are looking to expand the cohort. They are looking for people with moderate or severe CFS and also healthy controls. Controls and moderate CFSers can give blood at one of the locations above, for severe CFS sufferers they will come to your place for the blood draw (Brisbane, Gold Coast regions only).

    I was part of this study (severe group) and I put the word out to my healthy friends to come along at the same time so the researchers got my blood and three healthy controls at the same time. I did bribe them with some treats.

    See this post for details including the person from Griffith University to contact.
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