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Recognition of MCS and EHS (re European Parliament)

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by mermaid, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. mermaid

    mermaid Senior Member

    Cornwall, UK
    I have been asked to post this by someone I know who is severely affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electro-Hypersensitivity and who lives in the UK. It is relevant for people in the UK and Europe........

    IMPORTANT: Recognition of MCS and EHS:

    We have submitted a Written Declaration to the European Parliament asking for a POLICY RECOMMENDATION as a result of which:

    a) All European countries would recognise both Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) in their International Classification of Diseases (ICD), since patients from the member states find themselves in situations of inequality regarding health, legal and social issues. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises the sovereignty of the countries in this regard. MCS has been recognised in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, but not in the other European Union countries. EHS is recognised as a disability in Sweden.

    b) This POLICY RECOMMENDATION would be forwarded to the World Health Assembly.

    c) The European Parliament would request the WHO to include MCS and EHS in the 11th version of the ICD, which is currently being developed and will be released in 2015, as well as in any other spin-off classifications and in the List of Occupational Diseases of the International Labour Office (ILO).

    European MCS and EHS patients associations have been set a deadline period between March 12th and June 14th 2012 during which we can contact politicians and MEPs from our respective countries.

    According to our data base there are 755 MEPs and we need a majority of their signatures in order to get this Written Declaration passed. It will be an arduous task. The European Parliament has suggested that we create and send out illustrated information to all MPs. The email/ letter to be sent should attach or enclose the following documentation:
    1. A link to the template of the email so it can be downloaded directly from the web (in English): ONE CODE 4 MCS 4 EHS :

    2. The email template in Word or PDF to attach to the email of the EMPs, so if they can print out and in situ circulate them and spread the campaign.

    3. The Written Declaration translated to all languages.

    4. The EMP database that we have created to facilitate the associations task of spreading of this campaign to EMPs.

    5. A 2012 calendar of the European Parliament sessions. We are especially interested in the plenary sessions. They are printed in red.


    1) Send the e-mail template below to all the MEPs in the days preceding the plenary sessions. They can be contacted by telephone, email or letter.

    3) Contact your politician so that through their respective political parties they will contact their MEPs.

    4) Forward the email template/ the attached documents to other associations so that they can carry out the same work as us, wherever they are.

    In regards to using the media, it would be to advantageous to contact them in the days preceding plenary sessions. We hope to be able to count on your maximum collaboration, even though it is not a law, it is a very important Policy Recommendation which can help us advance towards achieving the ICD code (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) for MCS and EHS at a European and global level.

    Cordially yours, Francisca Gutirrez
    Asquifyde President (MCS SPAIN), ,, Telf.: 652669084


    1. Text: Why you should support the written declaration ONECODE 4MCS - 4EHS.eml;disp=safe&zw

    2. PDF: Why you should support the written declaration

    3. Plenary calendar:;disp=safe&zw

    4. Contact details for MEPS spreadsheet:;disp=safe&zw

    Who are your MEPs ?

    Find out at :

    Or write to: Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU Tel: 020 7227 4300 Fax: 020 7227 4302 Email:

    Include the text below if you write a letter. Emails can simply include the links above:

    Why you should support the written declaration ONECODE 4MCS - 4EHS.eml
    Various European Union Institutions have recognized the toxic effects on health caused by the cocktail of chemicals existing in the environment.
    It has also been recognized the emergence of environmental diseases such as: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and the Electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Both diseases show a high prevalence which keeps increasing.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the potential carcinogenicity of electromagnetic waves.
    There is scientific literature in abundance which justifies the existence of both diseases.
    Spain issued on November the 30th a consensus document on MCS which recognizes the environmental nature of MCS and recommends that it should be included in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). There are countries in Europe, such as Germany, Luxembourg and Austria which have already included MCS in their ICD. In Sweden, EHS is already considered a disability.
    There are numerous court decisions that recognize the environmental nature of these diseases.
    The WHO recognizes the sovereignty of countries to set modifications in their ICDs.

    Ill people exist but are not being treated equally everywhere in the European Union due to the lack of a code for each of these diseases.
    Ill patients need immediate response.
    Correct diagnoses need to be made, urgently implement palliative treatments as long as healing treatments keep not being achieved, and also more research projects need to take place on different subjects.
    Patients need to access to and receive recognition of their rights on health, labour, legal, environmental and social standards.
    The Written Declaration should result in a response to the need to allocate patients in safe environments and in housing which would be adapted for these patients. We do not currently have places to live in without health risk.
    Urgent measures for prevention should be taken. Legislation should be implemented for protection against the chemical and electromagnetic pollution, given that both factors interact in humans and are causing emerging diseases to occur.
    A human being's health is extremely vulnerable to the surrounding environment
    We would be grateful if you can SIGN this Written Declaration supporting sufferers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and Hyperelectrosensitivity.
    MEPs who author this Written Declaration: Kriton Arsenis (S&D) , Willy Meyer (IU; GUE), Michel Rivasi (Verdes/ALE), Ral Romeva (ICV; Verdes/ALE), Oreste Rossi (EFD)

    PDF: Why you should support the written declaration :
  2. hixxy

    hixxy Senior Member

    This whole process seems so "informal" for something so important and seemingly political. Shouldn't all this filter down through political avenues to the MEPs? Or have I read this wrong and this is all about advocacy and pushing for a positive outcome?

  3. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    Hi Mermaid, thanks for posting this important information. I do hope that people suffering from these disorders get equality under european law so that they can recieve treatment and more importantly appropriate housing, which they are currently not entitled to!

    Unfortunately your post is very long and hard for me to wade through in order to find out what i can do. Wpould it be possible to make a simplified version for those of us with cognitive issues to read? soemthing like a shport statement on a postcard and an address to send it to?

    I'm aware that it may not be possible for you to do this, but perhaps someone else could volunteer?
    Take care, Justy
  4. mermaid

    mermaid Senior Member

    Cornwall, UK
    I agree with you that this is far too wordy and difficult to follow! I have posted it in the form that MCS Spain have issued it (3 sides of A4), as the person asked me to post it, and I hoped that it wasn't just me who found it hard to read.

    I have since seen it posted in the same form on the MCS-aware website and it indicated on their forum that MEPs would probably respond more favourably to people giving a more personal approach about their own experiences, along with a request of course to support the written declaration.
  5. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    Thanks mermaid!

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