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Quilp interviews El Contaminantez part 3/3

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Quilp, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Quilp

    Quilp Senior Member

    Having managed to change into a spare pair of underpants and now surrounded by armed members of the PR message board, Quilp was able to conclude his interview ( never again that's all I can say ) with the most dangerous mouse that ever lived.

    Quilp Look lets stop and look at the bigger picture. Dr Stoye assured us that nobody is trying to get a negative result, its in nobodys interest.

    Elsie EL STOYE ?! EL STOYE ?! Yous tries to be funnies again ?
    I tells you a stories about EL Stoye. On 8th September 2010 my microphone its a get stolen. It a very special for me, I saves it only for Sam Shat interviews and Opera Winifrids. So I email my cousin EL Sniffer

    Quilp Is he an investigative journalist ?

    Elsie Dont be stupid he a mouse.
    No he a taxi driver in Hackney, he knows everybodys business.
    Anyways he searches every building in London and he stop at Stoyes office.

    Quilp Was it locked ?

    Elsie No matter it locked he go under door, he mouse no beach Whales.

    Quilp And ?

    Elsie He find exactly 186 microphones and no XMRV. Also he find two thousand twinky cakes under floor boards.

    Quilp Has he reported this find ?

    Elsie I dont know but he no fit under door again.

    Quilp We have to be very careful here, Dr Stoye denied all knowledge of those microphones and has appealed for information on the whereabouts of those twinkys ( Large reward included. Its not nice seeing a grown man cry )
    But I have to ask you; how did EL Sniffer know which microphone was yours ?

    Elsie It Labelled Elsie but I no know who DJ Miko is. Can you believes it; all microphones labelled DJ Miko except mine.
    Maybes DJ Miko knows Tupac ?

    Elsie Eh, eh, EL Quilp, wheres you goes, I tells you stories about EL Towers and simples conclusion.

    We apologise for yet another unscheduled interlude, but Elsies high chair made of decommissioned mouse traps and held together by a hand made PCR Primer collapsed in a cacophony of unexpected proportions.
    The instruction manual made it clear that using a PCR primer alone simply wont do and that several methods are needed to make the science work.
    Since this interview Quilp himself has been forced to leave the country. The Libyans wouldnt accept his asylum application because they said he might cause an outbreak of peace..he was last seen in Tunisia with his CBT handbook.

    Thank you for your supportall donations to the WPI please.
  2. Merry

    Merry Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    Yikes! Are patients angry?

    I also laughed at "a mouse no beach Whales." Liked the twinkies also. Great stuff.

    Thanks so much, Mark.

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