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question about blood sugar

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by notmyself, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. notmyself

    notmyself Senior Member

    hi, i have a very bad time latelly, it's probably caused by overdoing, or my wisdom tooth extraction..i cannot sleep at all, after 2 hours i wake up with sweats and stuff, i don t feel bad when i wake up ,just wired and awake, imposible to fall back asleep.. i was thinking i wake up because of hypoglycemia, so last night at 1 o clock when i wake up, i check it, it was 97 mg/dl..not very good bit still in normal range i guess..i take a sleeping pill and finally sleep till 11 in the morning..when i check my glucose was 108 m/dl..wich means prediabetes...

    Can the bad sleep that i have in the last weeks cause this increase?..i'm also more stressed than usual..or am i develeped diabetes?? i test few months back and they told me i don t have it, fasting glucose was 85, h1abc was 5.1% and the most curios insulin sensititvity was very mornin level of insulin were below the normal range ,2.4 something instead 6-13 if i remember corectly..the doctor say this is a good thing,that i need very little insulin to keep my blood sugar in order..i really don t want to go back to doctors,can i put this increase in blood sugar due to the insomnia that i have latelly ,didin t eat much either..or is somethin that i should investigate further??
  2. pamojja

    pamojja Senior Member

    Sleep deprivation has been found to cause higher glucose levels all by itself.
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  3. PatJ

    PatJ Forum Support Assistant

    Overdoing it causes increased problems with sleeping for me, and for others according to past comments here on PR.
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