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Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by AimingHigh, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. AimingHigh


    I have read good things about quercetin from antimicrobial benefits to potential dopamine enhancement. However, I just came across (as reported by @ahmo) that it is a high thiol / sulfur substance. Due to CBS upgregulation and BHMT defects, I am to be very strictly avoiding thiols during my heavy metals chelation period (which is now). Can anyone confirm this, and/or let me know where I might find more information on thiol substances. I am well aware of the lists on the internet (particularly the livingnetwork source), but t doesn't seem very comprehensive. Thanks for any help!!

  2. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    Ryan, I use the livingnetwork list, don't know of others.

    When I switched from quercetin, I began using ornithine. then discovered arginine, citrulline, also lysine. there are interlinking relationships between these, which I'm not clear on, but linking some info here. I take all my supps by self-testing, have been doing so effectively for these past years. I now need less of these supps since I've been detoxxing. Now I tend to need 1/8 tsp citrulline, 1/4 tsp arginine, 1/2 tsp ornithine, lysine. I don't test + for all of these all the time.

    However, in a recent thread, first link below, @aaron_c suggested malic acid. I was very curious, and last night was my first trial. When I used 3 caps Natures' Life 800mg malic acid only last night, instead of any combo of the others mentioned above, my body seems very happy. I'll soon be taking my second dose, this AM. also arginine, lysine scroll down for info re Citrulline and Arginine
  3. aaron_c

    aaron_c Senior Member


    Hi Ryan,

    I have to admit I am a little fuzzy on the sulfur - chelation link.

    Andy Cutler has the most thorough workup on sulfur containing foods/supplements I have seen. Here is a website with a lot of good stuff, including high sulfur foods and supplements and (if you look at the menu above) a list of low sulfur foods. Although I think for those of us with ME and the CBS C699T mutation, his assertion that sulfur via protein (methionine and cysteine) doesn't effect us much might not hold much water.

    I am pretty excited about a cheaper way to deal with ammonia for people with ME, however I want to point out that although the CBS C699T mutation will increase both ammonia and sulfites, they require entirely separate treatments. I have had a great deal of success in taking relatively large amounts of molybdenum (1500 - 2000 mcg) per day to help with sulfites. Molybdenum is the cofactor used by sulfite oxidase (SUOX) to convert toxic sulfites into sulfates, which your body can use. To be honest, I can't find the thread where I saw people doing those doses... And be warned that it can make you tired at first, but that goes away over the course of a week or two.

    For what it's worth, I can use quercetin but I can't seem to use chondriotin sulfate. Perhaps it is less sulfuric than some things?

    I hope this helps, and best of luck with the chelation in any case.


    Aaron C
  4. Jackb23



    Combined oral supplementation of fish oil and quercetin enhances neuroprotection in a chronic rotenone rat model: relevance to Parkinson's disease.

    While both FO and Q offered varying degree of protection, the FO + Q combination offered a higher degree of protection. FO + Q combination significantly attenuated behavioral impairments, restored the ROT-induced oxidative markers, depleted dopamine levels in striatum and reduced mitochondrial dysfunction.


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