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Pulsating body and brain, inflammation

Discussion in 'Pain and Inflammation' started by Sallyagerharris, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Sallyagerharris


    Berkshire UK
    I've been suffering over the past few days from one of the worst set of symptoms for me.

    Part of it I feel is scary as I feel like my "brain is frying" with sensory overload plus over sensitive body all over. It feels like my brain and body are pulsating and inflamed. I find it the most frightening with the brain part and so much of the body being under attack.

    My face and parts of my body are numb with some lovely internal brain ache. I'm doing the normal of rest rest rest and more rest. I know it will pass.

    Has anybody found anything that soothes or alleviates the symptoms. I use my hot tub for the aching muscles and that does help but have not found anything for the head stuff.


    Sally xx
  2. DeGenesis

    DeGenesis Senior Member

    Sometimes I force myself to sleep (even if I don't need it) with pharmaceuticals (usually different ones on a rotating basis). Probably not the best solution but if I am really suffering I can justify it to myself. I wouldn't advise it to anyone..

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