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Probiotics in Pregnancy

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Pearl, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Pearl

    Pearl Guest

    Sorry, I already posted my questions here #61
    but I wasn’t sure if it is the right place.

    I ask for my friend, who is pregnant with her first children, twins.
    I recommended that she take a probiotik because I read that it is beneficial e.g. to reduce the incidence of atopic illnesses later in life for the children.

    She was hesitant, saying that her digestion is good and she feels well – therefore why intervene her seamingly functioning ecosystem in her bowels.

    Meantime the situation has changed.
    She is in the hospital because premature birth in her 28. week threatens as the cervix uteri (neck of uterus) has become too short. Among other things she got an antibiotic, penicillin (what is standard care) and now she would like to take a probiotik.

    I’m not quite sure in the new situation how high the bacteria content may be:

    The numbers are very different, from 2 or 5 billion per capsule, then comes a big gap, followed by 50 billion or even 450 billion capsules.

    Unfortunately the literature did not say which products they tested and what the dosages have been. Only Lactobacillus rhamnosus was most often included.

    I would select a product with mainly lactobacilli and bifido strains, no earth based bacteria.

    Does anyone of you know

    if there is any risk in this situation at all?
    If 50 billion would be to heavy?
    Or can someon point me, by chance, to literature?

    Thank you in advance,

  2. barbc56

    barbc56 Senior Member

    How unfortunate for your friend.

    I would think the best bet is for her to talk to her Obstetrician.


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