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PMRV joins XMRV as possible etiologic agent of chronic fatigue syndrome

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by aruschima, Sep 10, 2010.

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    I did surprise me that people didn't make more of the fact Alter/Lo had documented something completely new to science (maybe they did and I missed it). But other scientists didn't laud their discovery either. And it does make me laugh when the likes of McClure say they didn't find XMRV, as though finding PMRV(s), plural, is still a big a problem for the detractors.
  3. jewel

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    Thanks for posting. It is heartening to see that the science is being taken seriously enough that these are the considered next steps : " conduct extensive case-control studies in North America…using coded samples from subject inflammatory disease to determine the frequency of MLV infection in patients with CFS. The potential transmission of MLV-related sequences from human to human should also be epidemiologically evaluated. [...]it would also be appropriate to conduct interventional studies." I like the fact that they see the need to use subjects with inflammatory disease (i.e., CFS) and that interventional studies are considered. I'm hoping the fact that these studies have piqued the interest of scientists outside of the usual circle of researchers will dilute the politics regarding CFS interpretation. Not expressing myself well this morning, but meaning the more basic science peeps interested in this stuff, the less likely the psychogenic biases of the usual suspects will take hold as interpretations for negative findings... or that poorly conducted research will pass muster... ok, clear as mud. signing off. J
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