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Please provide input (update on symptoms)

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by Mindy, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Mindy


    I posted this on the methylation board a few days ago but have an updated on my symptoms. My dr. still hasn't responded to my email from Mon., so I'm hoping for input here. Thanks in advance.
    Before starting 2 methyl vitamins in March, I had a very high sulfur diet with no problems. One dr. had me start activitated forms of b-12 and folate based on only testing MTHFR. I did this and haven't been the same since; I was clearly not ready to take them.​

    I've now done 23andme (results below) and been on a low-sulfur diet for nearly 4 months. My head symptoms/fog had finally resovled and I'd been eating some sulfur foods w/no problem...until this week. The only things I did differently were drank a few glasses of wine over the last week and a course of amoxocillian and Nystatin. Now my head is feeling an extreme amount of pressure. I'm taking butyrate and a liver supplement with molybedenum, which previously would help, but it doesn't seem to work as fast now.​

    Additionally, I'm having inflammation and my arms are very sore/achy (this typically only happens when I don't get enough sleep). I woke at 2 am, felt slight pressure so took charcoal; still couldn't sleep so took 1/2 a unisom at 4:30 am. When I woke at 7:30 the head pressure and achy arms were even worse. Unisom has sulfates/sulfites in it so I'm thinking it could be related to that. I believe it's also an anti-histamine, which makes me think my issue isn't increased histamine. Is that logical?​

    Please help determine what may be causing this and what I should do. My husband wants me to go to Mayo Clinic since things have become so weird, but I doubt they'll know about genetic mutations, etc. Thank you.​

    MTHFR A1298++​
    a lot of other MTHFRs are ++ or +- (but C677 is --)​
    MTHFS ++​

    PS - I do not have CFS/MS but am treating for chronic lyme.​
  2. frenchmoxie


    Hate to say it but you really shouldn't be drinking alcohol at all while taking Nystatin. In addition you were taking an antibiotic? You're probably feeling the effects of bacterial/fungal die-off (herx reaction). Have you been doing anything to treat your homozygous SHMT mutation? According to Dr. Yasko, SHMT mutations are first priority and should be dealt with before adding in any of the higher doses of B12/folate.
  3. Mindy


    I've definetly experienced die-off in the past, but this feels different, however. I've been off the ABX for 3 days and it hasn't gone away, it's a really weird head pressure that I haven't had before.

    I have been using the SHMT spray from holistic healing. Does treating this come before CBS?

    Thank you.

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