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Planning to see Dr William Weir, Harley St. Any advice or opinions?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Mrs Sowester, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. RuthT


    I saw him in the early 1990s - my GP pretty much referred me straight to Coppetts Wood, part of the Royal Free. He was helpful, caring & down to earth about what was & was not known & the research he was doing then. I wasn’t eligible.

    He did give me the best advice I could have had then - try and get the balance between doing too much & doing too little. Try and avoid stress & meditation might be helpful for some. No easy answers, no psych nonsense.

    I gradually recovered to 80-90% before a second hit recently. If I could easily afford to see him & pay for recommended treatment, or if his letter would support any financial claims, I probably would give it a go, but also wary of downsides, of hope & expectations.
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  2. Jenny

    Jenny Senior Member

    I emailed him a few months ago asking him about his experience in using anti-retrovirals and whether he might prescribe them for me. I gave him my history.

    He was good enough to arrange a (free) phone consultation, where he explained that he has had very mixed results, and we decided that I would not try them for the moment.

    He doesn't seem to have anything else to offer that I haven't already tried, but if I had a list of medications I would like to try I would probably go to see him.
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  3. wastwater

    wastwater Senior Member

    Has he retired and I wonder is there any wisdom in picking up a diagnosis

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