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Phoenix Hypnotherapist with CFS Offers Free Three Month Course

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Cort, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    SuzanneWigginton.jpg Hello all! My name is Suzanne Wigginton. I am a certified hypnotherapist, licensed massage therapist and live with chronic fatigue syndrome. I run an established part-time wellness business named Time For You in central Phoenix, Arizona. [​IMG]

    The mission statement for my business: assisting you in reaching a state of wellness and stillness so you may hear the whisper of your own inner wisdom and claim a richly rewarding life.

    Recently, I’ve been led to use my skills and gifts to offer assistance to others who struggle with CFS. I believe strongly that we all possess our own unique answers and that our best guide in any situation is the still small voice within. I also know it‘s easy to be distracted, overwhelmed and disconnected from that truly magnificent inner resource.

    I am creating a three month journey experience utilizing hypnotherapy (also known as guided meditation or guided imagery) and coaching techniques to facilitate the fostering of the relationship with Self, whether it‘s a brand new courtship or the mending of long ago broken lines of communication.

    So, why am I here and why should you care?

    I’m conducting a pilot program and looking for a first client. This pilot program is entirely complimentary (no cost). In the future, as I expand the program and open it up to additional recipients, I will ask only for donations of what (if anything) the recipients are led to or able to pay.

    The program will consist of the following* (approx. $400 value):

    • the completion of a brief intake questionnaire sent electronically
    • an initial 90 minute appointment (consultation and hypnotherapy session) in my Phoenix Arizona office
    • a blank journal will be provided to the client
    • weekly e-mails between sessions with guided journaling prompts (or substitute suggested activities for those averse to writing)
    • a complimentary mp3 or cd recording of general guided meditations which can be used between sessions at the client’s discretion
    • 60 minute follow-up guided meditation journeys (hypnotherapy) once per month for the next two (2) months in my Phoenix, Arizona office

    Requirements (please be sure you meet these before submitting your interest):

    • are located in the Phoenix metropolitan area
    • are currently “in relationship” with chronic fatigue syndrome
    • are willing and able to attend three in-office sessions (once a month for three months)
    • are able to schedule sessions Sundays through Wednesdays (normal days of operation)
    • are willing to communicate weekly via e-mail between sessions
    • are open to recommended contemplation exercises/journaling suggestions
    • possess an open mind and a willing heart
    There is currently only one (1) opening for this pilot program. In the future, I am hoping to expand it to additional recipients (possibly on-line via webcam thereby removing the local geographic requirement).

    If interested, I ask that you look around my website at http://www.timeforu.net and/or read my blog at http://blog.delightedsage.net to make sure you feel I am someone you would be comfortable working with and if so, e-mail me at suzanne@timeforu.net
    with your name, a brief description of your relationship with CFS, an explanation of any previous experience you have with hypnotherapy, meditation or guided imagery (none is just fine).
    Please note I will be accepting requests to join this pilot program until February 28, 2011 and am flexible about the start date thereafter. If I have interest from multiple parties who all meet the criteria, I will randomly draw for the pilot program client.

    It is my sincere hope to be in a position to add more people in as time goes on and I will retain all submissions of interest to that end.

    I am very excited about the benefits of this work and look forward to working with you.


    Check out a recent blog by Suzanne on 'acceptance'

    * Important: please note that the extent of what is offered in this program is described above and there will be no substitution of other services on my menu. I am happy to provide additional offered services (i.e. massage, reiki, reflexology) however full posted pricing would apply.

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