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Phenol & Sulfur Sensitivity - What to eat/How to fix?

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by rijichouno, May 13, 2018.

  1. rijichouno


    Hi guys,

    For the past month I've been having a painful heart at night, back pain with crying, and sometimes full-body burning pain, as well as sun sensitivity that triggers burning pain.

    After tracking my reactions to foods, I realized I have phenol sensitivity and cravings (histamine, glutamate and salicylate). I also don't process sulfur well.

    With reading I discovered that genetic and metabolic abnormalities are probably at the root here - I've been trying to get on a ketogenic diet in the past few months and appear to be in a kind of metabolic acidosis.

    There really isn't anything I can eat that doesn't belong to one of the categories above. My question is, how do I get out of this? What therapies are effective? I've started ornithine, molybdenum, boron, yucca and phosphatidylcholine in an attempt to address CBS upregulation. Any further insight would be very helpful.
  2. Judee

    Judee Senior Member

    Do you know if you have CBS polymorphisms?

    I do but my mom does not and she was the one that would turn yellow every time we ate sulfur/thiols. Now after using Kirkman Bifido complex for a while she no longer turns yellow (jaundiced) when she eats them so I think based on what Dr. Ben Lynch said, she was making too much hydrogen sulfide in her intestines and then eating the sulfur on top of that was just too much for her liver.

    I think the Bifido must have calmed that down some. She also takes it with Saccharomyces Boulardii so that might have helped as well.

    Just a thought.
  3. Hi, I was able to resolve sulfur sensitivity by doing the Heartfixer CBS protocol, but using the Cutler low thiol diet with it. It took 3 months.

    At this time, I believe that CBS issues are not really genetic, but are caused by epigenetics, which would be arsenic inhibiting SUOX. Molybedenum is a co-factor for SUOX and that's why it's helpful.

    Do you have multiple chemical sensitivities?

    There is a low histamine diet which avoids aged foods.

    For glutamate, which I also have issues with, I avoid all processed food as 50% of them contain glutamate disguised under various names. It's just easier to avoid it all and make my own food from scratch. There there are a couple of foods naturally high in glutamate that I avoid too which are tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and mushrooms. There is one more I can never remember.

    You can also try GABA or theanine to help with the GABA/glutamate balance, if you're having anxiety.

    Sorry, I don't have experience with salicylates, but I think there is a low salicylate diet.

    Good luck finding something to eat. :-(

    It also seems to me that with all those sensitivities, that your gut could use some work.

    Check out the 4R Gut Rebuilding Program in my signature link.
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  4. rijichouno


    I am doing the Heartfixer protocol, but haven't started a low-thiol diet. The stuff I'm craving all seems to be on it...I'm also feeling aversion to/feeling full quickly on certain foods like meat and oil.

    I did try to cross-check glutamate/histamine/sulfur/salicylate foods lists to find what I could tolerate, and there's...nothing. Maybe asparagus, maybe celery? Thus my eagerness to find effective treatment. A lot of good foods/supplements are high in polyphenols, too.

    I do have some chemical sensitivity and am doing a lot gabinergics to offset the discomfort.

    Hydrogen sulphide does seem like a strong candidate for a lot of the discomfort, but the presumptive treatment (increasing bacteroides:firmicutes ratio with resistant starch to increase butyrate) apparently can have a paradoxical effect: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3910452/

    "Desulfococcus, Desulfonema, Desulfosarcina, Desulfobacter, Desulfobulbus, and
    Desulfovibrio are δ-Proteobacteria genera that utilize sulfate as a terminal
    electron acceptor in the production of ATP to produce H2S. Desulfovibrio account for
    66% and Desulfobulbus account for 16% of all sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) in the
    human colon. These two genera are capable of using molecular hydrogen, an oxidation
    product of short-chain fatty acids produced by fermentation of undigested
    carbohydrates, as the electron donor for energy production "

    Checking out the 4R guide, thank you!
  5. rijichouno


    From your response, I take it you believe I have mercury toxicity? Do you think that's related to chemical sensitivities?
  6. mercury + arsenic = chemical sensitivities (according to Andrew Cutler, and it does seem to hold true in my case)

    MCS is a result of fast phase I detoxification coupled with a fast phase II detoxification. So things get jammed up after phase I. It's helpful to take things to slow phase I and speed up phase II.

    Vitamin C and milk thistle are helpful for me.

    Cutler also says to use the niacinamide form of niacin. I haven't tried that.
  7. Also where is the pain in your back?

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