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Petition - Invest more money into scientific research to find the cause of M.E./CFS

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by worldbackwards, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. worldbackwards

    worldbackwards Senior Member

  2. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    This petition is doing well, at over 3,200 signatures already: it needs 10,000 to get a UK govt response (it's UK signatories only because it's targeting parliament and that's the rule on the parliament petition site). It was featured on #MEAction last week, which I assume has given it a big boost!

  3. AndyPR

    AndyPR Senior Member

    Almost 5,300 signatures now.
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  4. Mark

    Mark Former CEO

    Sofa, UK
    7,820 signatures on this petition now; at 10,000 the government must respond to it.

    There are quite a few petitions around that are doing very well, and perhaps we could give them a bit of a boost...we haven't covered these petitions with a Phoenix Rising article yet so I'm wondering whether somebody might like to write something up? @Sasha has done lots of similar articles for us in the past, but perhaps somebody else out there might like to have a go?

    I'm thinking that an article describing several petitions might be useful...we could then send out a newsletter to our mailing list focusing on that article...we have a few thousand subscribers and many of them may not have signed all the petitions. I think it might also be good to encourage people to email their friends and family about these petitions at this point (providing a template for such an email); unlike some of the petitions we've had in the past, I think some of the recent ones have a lot more potential for mass appeal. Anybody out there want to draft something?

    Final thought: we have a little slot at the top right of our home page where we currently have an advert for the Phoenix Rising shop; this should really have been refreshed long ago, and it would be good to put a little advert there for one or more petitions...all we need is a suitable little graphic (similar size to the one that's there at the moment).
  5. AndyPR

    AndyPR Senior Member

    Over 12k now :balloons::hug::balloons:
  6. AndyPR

    AndyPR Senior Member

    Over 13,200 signatures now and has just been shared by the Open Medicine Foundation's Facebook page, so hopefully that will cause a bump in people signing it.

    The deadline for signing is the 13th July, so if you are in the UK please sign before then. No response yet from Parliament and the 10k trigger for that was hit 20 days ago.
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