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Perpetual Jet Lag, memory consolidation, flipped sleep cycle.

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Sam7777, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Sam7777

    Sam7777 Senior Member

    Well without just repeating what we all know, let me try to inquire about some peculiar observations I have made.

    When I chelated incorrectly 4.5 years ago, I basically put myself in a CFS like state, but with what is comparable to brain damage and traumatic brain damage type neurological/mental type symptoms, this means a loss of IQ, memory, memory, affective, emotional, personality consolidation, being able to tell what time it is, what day of the week, chronic fatigue of course, severe anhedonia, a really persistent *groundhog day* type effect. In fact the biggest thing that happened, was a type of ground hog day effect. Every day is just the same, and its very hard for my brain to sort of tract forward reality.

    I'm interested in how this reflects the way the brain works and trying to explore it a bit better.

    Anyone experience this sort of issue with consolidating time/space/memories? The issues aren't as bad as they were 2-4 years ago.

    But I still suffer from severe thiol and histamine sensitivity. Diet sensitivities fuel my insomnia. It takes me about 400 mg of caffeine just to function at all.

    What is so pronounced is the way I feel the first three hours I'm awake. Just awful. That strikes me as peculiar, notable.

    My insomnia goes through phases. I'll stay up till 8 am or 6 am for weeks then get start only staying up till about 2 am for a few weeks. But lately, I am severely night owlish.

    I'm fairly certain the memory issue is related to choline deficiency, and just generally brain damage. Still that's a general outtake. I'm hoping I can narrow in and focus on getting good real sunlight and fixing sleep schedules but its the mornings. Or the lack of them. It is very difficult to live a normal life when you wake up at 7 pm. Like, wickedly difficult. If I could just stimulate myself awake at 9 am somehow, Frankly.
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  2. wastwater

    wastwater Senior Member

    I have trouble waking and getting going,it takes all day but then I cant shut down so end up with reversed sleep cycles,theres a timeless quality to it as I cant believe ive done it for 22 years.Ive never conquered the reversed sleep,but still try,mostly I just go with awake at night now.
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  3. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem All Good Things Must Come to an End

    I see you lost your memory twice. ;)

    I had delayed sleep cycle, then I took melatonin several years ago and now I have a reversed sleep cycle. I have not found anthing that helps yet. If you search the forums, there are some suggestions of thing that are supposed the reset sleep cycle.

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