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Pace - analysis dump

Discussion in 'Patient Data Repository & Treatment Review Project' started by Esther12, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    Just started this page as a test to see how the wiki can be used for collating analysis of the Pace report.

    I'm going to post up something I started writing... decided was no good and gave up upon. Feel free to delete it all, change radically, or ignore completely. This is just to get us started:

    Paces abnormal normals

    What was planned from the Pace Protocol:

    The final paper classed patients who had been successfully returned to the normal range (promoted as 'back to normal' to the media) as those with a Chalder fatigue score of 18 or less (but different scoring v. approximately 9 or less by bimodal scoring?), and a physical function score of 60 or more. This was the closest we were given to figures for recovery:

    Lets follow the trail for the normal figures for the Chalder fatigue scale:

    From 32 Cella M, Chalder T. Measuring fatigue in clinical and community settings. J Psychosom Res 2010; 69: 1722.

    The questionnaire begins:

    So of the 31651 people asked to fill out this form, we ended up with results from 1615 5%

    Much of the loss would have been due to patients not bothering to fill in the form. Would those who have some fatigue problems be any more likely to fill in a form about fatigue than others? Hard to say. Also, anyone healthy enough to not need to see their doctor for a year was excluded. Anyone healthy enough to not bother registering with a doctor would be excluded by default. So this is certainly not a healthy population.

    (Im afraid that I dont understand their referencing of papers 18 + 19. 19 is available here: and doesnt seem remotely helpful for explaining their decisions here, nor did the abstract for 18).

    Now the SF-36 physical function sub-scale score from:

    33 Bowling A, Bond M, Jenkinson C, Lamping DL. Short form 36 (SF-36) health survey questionnaire: which normative data should be used? Comparisons between the norms provided by the Omnibus Survey in Britain, The Health Survey for England and the Oxford Healthy Life Survey. J Publ Health Med 1999, 21: 25570.

    Available free: html

    Table 1 presents the health of the sample: 22% have long term health problems and 16% have acute health problems.

    (This is where I gave up - my head swimming with statistics.)

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