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Orange dye No 1

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by antares4141, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. antares4141

    antares4141 Senior Member

    Truth or consequences, nm
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  2. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    I wonder if that was the dye that harmed my Mum?
    X-Ray fluorescing dye used by British NHS in 1950s and 60s, for spinal X rays, it was toxic but they denied it and covered it up. it caused scarring, arachnoyditis, that resulted in terrible pain, pinch nerves, as a result.
    I vaguely recall it was something like "naphthalene orange" or some other such name, but heck it could have been "blue" for all I recall as the memory banks ain't what they used to be :p

    quite a few of the dyes developed turned out to be toxic.

    Steelworks, oddly enough, produced a lot of such materials, since they used "coke", not coal for firing the furnaces, so large steelworks have coke making plants on site, taking coal deliveries in vast quantities to make coke, and selling the by products of the conversion for good profit.
    producing coke creates lots of very toxic but important organic chemicals, used for dyes, explosives etc.
    likewise back when towns were lit by gas, the gas works produced such as well.
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  3. Gingergrrl

    Gingergrrl Senior Member

    Yellow Food dye #5 (Tartrazine) is what started my entire mast cell disease and I had to get all new compounded meds without any food dyes after this. I believe the food dyes are truly toxic and should be avoided (and in my case, have to be avoided.) Am not surprised by anything I hear re: this issue.
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  4. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    I discovered this affects me too. An 8mg tablet (brown) of a medication I could tolerate, but 2x 4mg (yellow) gave me a migraine. I scoured the ingredients list and the only difference in the composition of the tablets was the coulours used
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