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Objective signs and symptoms documented in ME/CFS

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Daisymay, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Objective signs and symptoms documented in ME/CFS

    Margaret Williams 29th April 2015

    "Certain Local Authority areas in England have apparently expressed an interest in hearing from people with ME via their local Healthwatch, a new Health and Social Care watchdog. Introduced in 2013, there is a Healthwatch for all 152 Local Authority areas in England and all report to Healthwatch England, whose mission statement confirms: “We are working towards a society in which people’s health and social care needs are heard, understood and met” (www.healthwatch.co.uk).

    The role of the local Healthwatch authorities is to report to Healthwatch England instances of local failure in the provision of medical and social care. Given that (i) standard NHS care consists of CBT and GET and that these interventions are largely unsuccessful and (ii) all local health authorities will, under the new Health and Social Care Act that came into force in April 2015, be required to provide appropriate NHS services and social care support for people with ME, the following information could be used as evidence why CBT and GET are not appropriate and why they fail to meet the clinical needs of people with ME, particularly the severely affected and those who are home or bed-bound. As the current cost is £3.5 billion per annum for “CFS” alone, it behoves the authorities to provide more appropriate and effective health and social care.

    Long-term ME sufferers will already be aware of what follows, but those more recently diagnosed may not yet be so aware; quite certainly, the Local Authorities are unaware, thus the current Healthwatch initiative may afford the opportunity to educate them."
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