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Nutrahacker help with 23andme report

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by avgjoe007, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. avgjoe007


    Hi all

    I recently took a 23andme test, mainly out of curiosity. I do not have CFS/ME but am a long time lurker here for all the good info posted. I then got the Nutra Hacker data 9also out of curiosity). My data is here (

    I was wondering if people could help me decode the results. From what I can gather,

    Obvious stuff
    1. I am a really slow detoxifier who could use NAC, Taurine, Glutathione (not sure if this means for life though)
    2. I can't convert Vit A very well
    3. I have a downregulated vitamin D receptor
    4. It seems I need to take DIM, but not sure why as I am skinny lean. No gyno here, nor do I have a big belly
    1. Why do I need to avoid methyl donors? Thought everyone needed this stuff?
    2. I thought I am not able to convert folic acid to folate (MTHFR), but the rest of the table seems to indicate otherwise? I am taking Thorne #12
    3. CYP2C19 Extensive or Ultra-Fast Metabolizer (gs153). From what I read my body breaks down (i.e., detoxifies) certain medicines more quickly. It is possible that you may need a higher than average dosage of the medicines metabolized by CYP2C19 in order for them to be effective. I'm not on any medication but wanted to know if this is relevant for any pregnenolone supplementation?

    I have no major issues except hair loss (as far as I can tell!) but do suspect that I'm hypothyroid based on temp. I am 37, male

  2. jwat87


    I would like to know more about this also.
  3. avgjoe007


    Just bumping this up to see if anyone can assist with the query below...


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