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NOS2 snps - up or down?

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by picante, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. picante

    picante Senior Member

    Helena, MT USA
    A question for snp-literate people:
    NOS2 rs2274894 TT = +/+
    NOS2 rs2248814 AA = +/+
    NOS2 rs3729508 TT = +/+

    Are these up-regulations? Down-regulations?

    This is iNOS, which deals mainly with infections, is that right? Is this why my EBV antibodies are through the roof? (EBV precipitated my metabolic crash 22 years ago.)

    I've been searching & searching for info, but most of the studies & articles are about eNOS.

    Thank you!
  2. nandixon

    nandixon Senior Member

    Just looking quickly at a few literature articles, I think these all may be down-regulations, i.e., the iNOS enzyme will likely be producing less nitric oxide than otherwise.

    Regarding EBV, there are at least a couple of references to using arginine in vitro to induce iNOS to increase NO production and inhibit EBV. For example (both by the same research group):

    "These results indicated that L-Arg induces iNOS and generates NO, which inhibits EBV reactivation in EBV-positive cells."


    "These results demonstrated that NO is a regulatory factor in maintaining virus latency via inhibiting EBV reactivation in the infected epithelial cells."

    How well this might work for you in real life is another matter entirely but it might be worth a try to supplement some extra arginine.

    Edit: I just saw that there are also these two threads that might be relevant:

    Edit #2: A person might want to use methylfolate in combination with the arginine to scavenge peroxynitrite and prevent oxidation of BH4 (and decoupling), as was mentioned previously here:
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  3. picante

    picante Senior Member

    Helena, MT USA
    Thank you, @nandixon, for taking the time to look up this info! The L-arginine definitely sounds like something to try out.

    And I'm already taking quite a bit of methylfolate -- about 4X1000 mcg per day -- using Freddd's symptom lists for folate deficiency & potassium deficiency. It has seemed like a lot, but the more I find out about my genes, the more it seems justified.
  4. xena

    xena Senior Member

    @picante which source were you able to see nos snps on? None of the usual profiles seem to have it

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