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Norwich to be home to the Quadram Institute, a new £81.6m Food & Health research centre

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by cirrus, Feb 15, 2016.

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    The Quadram Institute is the name of the new centre for food and health research to be located at the heart of the Norwich Research Park, one of Europe’s largest single-site concentrations of research in food, health and environmental sciences. Building of a new £81.6m facility to house the Quadram Institute begins this month, with an anticipated opening in 2018.

    This is good for ME because this is the location that IiME have been proposing a Centre of Excellence for ME. And we have made good progress there.

    From the press release –

    "To be led by Professor Ian Charles, currently Director of the IFR, the Quadram Institute’s mission will be to develop solutions to worldwide challenges in human health, food and disease."

    Professor Ian Charles opened last year’s IiME conference in London and was very supportive of the idea of a centre of excellence for ME to be within this new Institute.
    From his abstract for the conference -

    “The new Institute will provide a novel holistic, systematic and integrated approach to deliver faster innovation as well as helping to inform government policy on a range of gut and diet related issues including M.E. The development of this new centre, together with the other expertise and facilities located at the Norwich Research Park, puts it in a very good position to lead a UK and European Centre of Excellence for biomedical research for M.E. to provide possible prevention and solutions."

    Professor Simon Carding from IFR is chairing the European ME Research Group.

    The IiME funded foundation gut microbiota project is taking place at IFR/UEA and more projects are being planned.

    IiME are funding two more PhDs at IFR/UEA.

    We have funded medical students from IFR/UEA who have been working with top researchers at Cornell University in New York and Oxford University in the UK.

    We are developing more there and this holds out the very best opportunity for ME research currently in Europe.

    We invite everyone who wants high-quality, serious ME research to be undertaken to support us in this proposal.
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