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Nortriptyline seems to reduce pain on waking for me :)

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by SilverbladeTE, May 21, 2013.

  1. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    have been trying Nortriptyline, seems to be helping with the pain on waking up, which is very severe for me so least that's one good thing :)

    Normally feels like I've had a right kicking when I wake up, ugh. bad days feels like they were wearing leather soled shoes on very bad days like they used pick shaft handles not just their feet and OMG that hurts!

    So usually takes me half hour to two hours to recover from waking up.
    Still feel sick/worn out on waking but much less pain with the Nortyptiline

    incredibly lousy weather we've had hasn't helped, cold+damp make me worse and our "winter" seemed tp have last until day before yesterday, never know such long crappy weather in all my days!
  2. sianrecovery

    sianrecovery Senior Member

    Manchester UK
    That's interesting, I don't know anything about nortriptyline - they offered me amytripyline (cuse spelling) for the facial pain. I didn't take it. But it is definitely, definitely far worse in cold, damp weather - especially as the pressure drops. I think that's something you see a lot in various pain syndromes. I also use herbal stuff like valerian and white willow etc, and some topical stuff.
    Yes, this experience of never ending winter is very punishing indeed. Roll on something that at least pretends to be summer.
  3. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Interesting ... the primary action is to inhibit norepinphrine reuptake (NRI). I take a different drug that's only an NRI (Strattera) for my low blood pressure/pulse press and related symptoms.

    Do you have OI problems, and if so, does Nortriptyline seem to help? Maybe I can get it easier and cheaper than Strattera :p

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