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Nootropics that may help your brain

Discussion in 'Cognition' started by 62milestogojoe, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. 62milestogojoe

    62milestogojoe What's a forum then?

    Hi, I've been using noots for 4 years of my nearly 6 years post ME diagnosis. I have listed noots/supplements that have had no detrimental effects, only positive results.

    If you take a look at the brilliant work of the Osaka team PET scanning ME patients to scientifically prove neuroinflammation in ME patients in the link, you will appreciate why noots may be part of the solution to dealing with cognitive symptoms in ME patients.

    I am working on a correlation between damaged brain areas and ME symptoms based on the Japanese findings at the mo and will post the results when I have them.
    Link to PET scan study-

    List of noots/supplements I have used (there are others but I don't feel it would be beneficial to list the ones in 3rd stage trials). Please note, what works for me may not work for you, also I highly recommend researching neurogenesis, brain plasticity and synaptogenesis prior to cautiously dipping your toes in the water. One at a time, low dose and monitor for a week or so to ensure compatibility/effectiveness.

    Lion's mane mushroom
    Bacopa monnieri
    Huperzine A
    Strong coffee!
    Alpha GPC or choline/choline bitartrate
    Noopept (GVS-111)

    I urge you to read and understand how the above functions prior to trying. Be cautious!
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  2. notmyself

    notmyself Senior Member

    hey..can you recommend something for OI/POTS?..i am not severe..i never faint,but i am always dizzy,especially when i stand still..
  3. 62milestogojoe

    62milestogojoe What's a forum then?

    Hi notmyself

    Not really in a position to recommend vis a vis PR protocols. OI/POTS may be more related to low blood pressure I think. What is causing the low blood pressure has not been fully elucidated but is possibly related to some biochemical dysfunction (HPA axis?)

    For the first year of my ME, OI/POTS was probably the most severe and disabling symptom and I still suffer from it a little when I've overstepped the mark. Medics ruled out Meniere's disease as part of excluding tests.

    Difficult to say what may be helpful but there are obvious things like keeping your head upright to avoid any kind of 'head rush'. I trained myself to be positionally aware of my head. Can help but is not an answer.

    L-arginine may help to increase blood flow, simple strength 4 coffee increases blood pressure.

    You have my sympathy, at its raging worst dizziness at a constant, day to day is absolute hell.
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  4. EtherSpin

    EtherSpin Senior Member

    Melbourne , Australia
    Piracetam ! Piracetam is the nootropic that was the only thing different in my regime when I went to my CFS clinic for initial testing and gave them weird results on the tilt test (elevated HR but managed to avoid dizziness )

    It supposedly helps with efficiency of oxygen and glucose metabolism in the brain and it's been used for pilots before to see if vertigo and other issues under g-force could be mitigated

    If you have spoons to spend it helps with verbal fluency and general mental speed BUT it's in the "racetam" family of cognitive drugs and they notsbln each seem to work on different subsets of people so there is a reasonable chance of being a non responder, I havent found one of those amongst the 5 people who have tried it with me

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