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No change in UK government funding decisions for CFS/ME research funding?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Dr Who, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Dr Who

    Dr Who has it...

    (Hansard Link below) Caroline Dinenage, Department of Health and Social Care, sidesteps the question around the lack of cfs/me research in uk. Funding for research is allocated according to assessment by peer review. For "peer" read doctors in the highest levels of academic research and political influence. Royal College presidents, psychocult industry representatives and anyone else invested in maintaining the status quo of reinforcing the idea that cfs/me is a result of a choice or dysfunctional thought in the sufferers own minds. Government determined allocation of research funding is in effect being defrauded. Even with the evidence of the fraud of the PACE trial the government refused to take any action, such as having the researchers investigated and face appropriate sanction, e.g.at the very least prohibiting them from further government funded research in the future. Instead, I would not be surprised if these researchers are some of the very "peers" that the Minister refers to.

    The lack of action by successive UK governments on this is worrying. It is worrying of course because the potential to find a diagnostic and treatable cause of this suffering relies on overseas efforts and on private charitable donations in the UK. More importantly I think, it leaves the UK government open to accusations of complicity in the fraud, the covering up and camouflaging the fraud and the deliberate delay in identifying treatments and relief of suffering. Like the scandal of the blood products contamination, sufferers, and their survivors, my well have grounds for a class action litigation.

    The irony that the cause of cfs/me may be simpler than we ever thought and the treatment/cure incredibly cheap while millions have been spent manufacturing a false concept of illness that locks its sufferers into social security benefit dependency while creating an industry of unhelpful or damaging therapy, while draining resources from mental health services at the same time, is a disgrace of incompetent governance.

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  2. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    you have to understand how the UK's "Establishment" REALLY works and thinks
    they don't care who suffers
    they don't' care about genuine national interest or defence
    all they care about is protecting their privileges and protection from ANY crime.
    Again, simple proof: Dr John Bodkin Adams, prosecution deliberately threw the case to let him off to protect the "Establishment".

    so, if they admitted they had done worng with ME/CFS, their house of cards (how apt!) will weaken.

    see also how they have ALWAYS wrung out and extended compensation, treatment, investigation etc when it came ot asbestos, coal miners, mustard gas (buried and dumped all over the damn place), Camelford water poisoning disaster, Gulf War Syndrom, pesticide poisoning (a massive scourge in the farming community) and many many other harms, screw ups, accidents, pollutants etc
    they keep dragging it out to avoid admitting wrong doing, and waiting to most of the victims DIE OFF
    that is fact
    and thing is it costs the country vastly more than it would to swiftly pay out or research (see the legal fees for asbestos victims taking 2/3rds of the victim's pay out for example of how obscene the system is!)

    they will NEVER admit they are complicit in allowing ME patients to suffer and die by the millions because that would weaken their "Power"
    (and it is millions as by these acts they have prevented research and treatment on a global scale)

    and who do they keep using to cover up these "troublesome issues"?
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