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NIH Funding Boost

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by trails, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. trails

    trails Senior Member

    New Hampshire
    An article today on Politico that some might find interesting:

    Some excerpts:

    "After a dozen years of flat funding, the National Institutes of Health has become a top target on Capitol Hill — not for less money but more, potentially billions more by 2020."

    "The president’s budget requested an additional $1 billion for NIH, while both House and Senate appropriations subcommittees are pushing more, from $1.1 billion in the House to $2 billion in the Senate. The Senate’s effort would push the institutes’ funding to nearly $32.2 billion — though, in adjusted dollars, that would still be at least $3.6 billion below the level of a dozen years ago."

    "The 21st Century Cures legislation, now targeted for a House floor vote in July, would give NIH a separate $8.75 billion over five years — though even that extra resource won’t solve all of the catch-up needs, according to Collins."

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