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Nightmares and intestines

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by eric_gladiator, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. eric_gladiator

    eric_gladiator Senior Member

    I have been noticing for months that my digestive symptoms are getting worse and as a result I am sleeping very badly, my quality of sleep is poor, there is not a single night that does not have nightmares. I lie down and it is as if in my intestine there was a ball that burns and interferes in my brain causing it to sleep very badly. This also causes me symptoms of depression and anxiety other than mental fog. I also do not tolerate very well being in bed by day because I feel very inflated in the intestine and it makes me feel very disgusted and nauseous
  2. Richard7

    Richard7 Senior Member


    I cannot say that nightmares have been an issue for me. Someone who has may have better ideas - indeed I hope that this is so, nightmares are no fun at all.

    But I wonder if anxiety is involved and if so if the first could of posts in Hip's anxiety post might help

    If the nightmares are caused by something that is being produced in your gut it may be worth looking at this video it has a useful section on things that increase or decrease permeability

    In dealing with my gut I found that I needed to take betaine hcl (+pepsin) to acidify my stomach and enzymes (Creon and Klaire Labs sibb zymes) and ox bile to emulate a healthy digestive system. This combination got rid of SIBO and a lot of the diarrhoea I had.

    I also found antifungals (nystatin) helped and also got tested for parasites with a PCR faecal test and took the appropriate antibiotics.

    (Then stuffed up and got reinfected (yay) and am now about to take another course. It turns out that diarrhoea is a kind of aerosol of microbes that covers contaminates everything in the bathroom. The doctor suggested that I keep my hand towel and a new toothbrush in another room.)

    I hope this, or something someone else posts, helps
  3. eric_gladiator

    eric_gladiator Senior Member


    For years before getting sick I slept very badly, I never paid attention to it but once I was sick I noticed that sleeping badly I was even more tired than I was. I started with melatonin recommended by outsiders and for the first time in years I started to sleep well, that until now that my problem has advanced and I have gastric symptoms that makes me feel even without breathing, I have tried with ashawhangdha, gaba-magnesium-taurine- glycina-melatonin ... but the nightmares go on and on depending on the state of my intestine. My anxiety lately is something serious, I find myself with very low weight and weak muscles of the body that give me anxious attacks to eat to see if I can climb without success I already take several things for the intestine, papaya enzymes, betaine hlc, psyllium, bicarbonate with lemon, probiotics ... the symptoms are only relieved but I have not stopped them at all
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  4. Learner1

    Learner1 Forum Support Assistant

    Pacific Northwest
    You are very wise to link your intestinal health to sleep problems. Some thoughts come to mind in solving this.

    An excellent book with a lot of self quizzes to figure out what your issues are along with advice for how to tackle them is "The Food Intolerance Bible" by Anthony Hayne.

    Have you done a DNA stool test to look fornacteria, fungi, and parasites are living in your microbiome? Genova Diagnostics GI Effects covers all of these, or there are also good tests from DiagnosTechs (GI-Map) and uBiome.

    Have you looked into the possibility if celiac disease, which can damage your gut lining and create intestinal permeability, or other food allergies? Cyrex Labs has several tests that might be useful.

    You might also want to look into the 4R protocol, which walks you through the steps of healing gut permeability.

    Probiotics, insoluble fiber, digestive enzymes, gut nutrients like l-glutamine, certain pharmaceutical or botanical medications (which can kill certain and actors in your gut) and avoiding food irritants may all be components of a solution.

    Having gone through this myself and with other family members, I've found it can take several months to fix one's gut, by patiently working the issues.

    Best wishes...
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