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Newbie- Advice please on Translocator Study reults, DNA adducts, ATP efficiency

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by Rooey, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Rooey



    New to the forum.

    I have invested in my Acumen's translocator protein studies, ATP studies and DNA adducts tests recently. If anyone could help interpret the results I'd really appreciate it, particularly with ref to supplementation, and what these results actually mean - Im looking at upping my Mg intake to include 150mg per day as a chelated form (glycinate)

    I also currently supplement with 1 x Adrenomax per day and 10ug Vitamin D, and 1x probiotic ( plantarum LP229v)

    I had dental amalgams removed in 2006.

    I had a urine analysis in 2008 which indicated pyroluria/ high kryptopyrolles.

    I worked in an industrial chemical lab for 25yrs so I guess on balance its maybe not that bad.

    My symptoms are relatively mild thankfully, but what I do know is that if I drop the Adrenomax I start to have more severe problems so it seems to be providing something I need (maybe the Mg)

    What Id also like to know is if these tests have been carried out on normal people (by way of a control) and what were the results?

    Here are the results:

    Initial Examination
    mitochondria numbers of: normal
    mitochondrial clumping: normal
    mt-membrane structure: normal
    mt-DNA fluorescence: normal

    Mt-Membrane Binding
    proteins: normal
    esterases: normal
    lipids: normal
    Diolein: ND
    Aldehydes: Trace

    Chemical on TL sites
    Benzoquinone: high
    Mercury: trace only
    Mt membrane K: normal
    Mt membrane Mg: low
    Mt membrane Zn: low-norm

    ATP (adenosine triphosphate), studies on neutrophils

    ATP whole cells:
    With excess Mg added 1.29 nmol/10 6 cells (range 1.6-2.9)

    Endogenous Mg only 0.78 nmol/10 6 cells (range 0.9-2.7)

    Ratio ATP/ATP Mg 0.6 (range >0.65)

    ADP to ATP conversion efficiency (whole cells)

    ATP from above :1.29 (units as above) (range 1.6 -2.9)
    ATP Mg (inhibitor present) : 0.35 (range <0.3)
    ATP Mg (inhibitor removed) :0.81 (range >1.4)

    ADP to ATP efficiency = 48.9% (range >60)
    Blocking of active sites = 27.1% (range :up to 14)

    Very low whole cell ATP
    Low ATP related Magnesium
    27.1% block of active sites leading to: Very low ADP to ATP re-conversion
    Restricted access, 27.1% blocked translocator function

    DNA ADDUCTS (genomic DNA from leucocytes)

    Total DNA (from 1ml whole blood) = 48 ug (reference 30-60)

    Adduct Found ng/ml blood gene (if identified)
    Hydroquinone#1 3 Non gene area, q12
    Benzoquinone #2 1 Glutamine synthease #3

    DNA-associated zinc= 24ng/ml (reference 21-74)

    Thanks a lot


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