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Need suggestions for immune modulators

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by CBS64, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. CBS64


    I am looking for any suggestions for immune modulators that will balance both TH-1 and TH-2. In addition to CFS, I have an autoimmune condition and post-concussion syndrome (which is caused by a persistent neuroinflammatory cascade in the brain brought on by head trauma).

    I have elevated IL-12, and INF-gamma. My blood test also shows elevated IL-10, and notes the strong connection between this cytokine and autoimmune activity. I'm looking to tamp down the TH-1 side of the immune system without up-regulating TH-2. The neurologist that I’m working with to treat the PCS says the objective is to stop the inflammatory cascade in the brain so it can heal and we must also tamp down the general autoimmune activity to do this.

    I tried taking LDN last year (before the head injury) and it crashed my adrenals. I recently tried Moducare (plant sterols) but it seemed to make me feel worse. The doctor had me try pycnogenol to tamp down TH-1, but I felt worse.

    I am currently taking fish oil, vitamin D and a high potency Xymogen probiotic (in addition to vitamin C and a multivitamin). I tried colostrum earlier this year, but it made my head feel a lot worse. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for immune modulators that will bring TH-1 into balance without up-regulating TH-2.
  2. lnester7

    lnester7 Seven

    I am taking imunovir or you can try inosine, You need to read about the regulation it does, I wasn't nor TH1 nor 2 Both had things out of whack. Good luck!!!
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  3. Hugocfs

    Hugocfs Senior Member

    One word of caution about immunovir and inosine. Both can increase your uric acid levels, so you have to be careful on how much protein you eat. Otherwise, you could end up with gout. And with all of the problems we have already, who needs another one? Periodic checks of your blood uric acid levels are recommended. Good luck.
  4. Olena


    I take Moducare now, and inflammation in the joints and myalgia are better.
    But now I had a severe fatigue.
  5. xrunner

    xrunner Senior Member

    You may find Buhner's books on Lyme disease and coinfections quite helpful. His treatment protocol is mainly herbals and for each one you'll find which cytokines they can modulate. Buhner brings some evidence that Lyme can shift the immune response depending on the stage of the infection, i.e. toward TH2 at the beginning and toward TH1 in the late chronic stage, so his protocol focuses on contrasting this shift. That his remedies are for Lyme disease is not relevant because their primary purpose is to work by shutting down inflammation (rather than kill the bacteria) which is what you desire. I am not sure whether you'll find exactly what you're looking for but who knows.

    You may want to also read the following article (esp under "treatment protocol") where he explains how the protocol is meant to work and how to determine whether a herbal remedy may be right for you or not. Personally I do not agree with much of the things he says and suggests but as far as herbal remedies are concerned they were the most powerful anti-inflammatory remedies I have ever tried. CONF NOTES.pdf

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