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Need some Help from those that did treatment with GcMAF

Discussion in 'GcMAF' started by darroo, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. darroo

    darroo Senior Member

    Hello I used to dj and produce music until i got sick one day with flu type ilness I was living at a friends place which had mold and rat problem maybe somehow the rats transfered xmrv through a weakened immune system from the mold?

    Im in toronto Canada considering to fly to belgium for treatment from the clinic there...

    I have cfs 35 Score. multiple chemical sensivity , Bartonella , H pylori in the past, mold exposure... EBV inactive was doing a lyme protocol but only found a bit improvement mainly do to detoxing with clays . I believe mines viral in nature. MY VDR TAQ is +/+ means i have a mutation my VDR BSM is -\- I did genetic test from 23andme to get that not blood work..

    What do you guys suggest I should Do

    I already take lypospheric glutathione, 1500 IU VD3. Magnesium. Thorne multivitamin b12 folate roationing with thorne detox, Byron white detox 2 clay. I also have low cortisol levels from my adrenal glands that was probobly from the infection too..Take AShwadanda with adrenal cortex for that It helped a bit.. With the overall treatment and supplements I only improved 15% for 1 year of doing things.. Im intrested in the GC MAF im also intrested in testing for XMRV and doing the whole 9 yards might have to wait until i can get some extra money somehow awaiting my disability case in canada.. was denied the first time but now have enough leverage which i thinki can win.

    Theres a Doctor here which im planning to see ND who offers GCMAF not sure what source it is from... not sure if she checks NAGALASE levels or what the procedure is yet I will update here when i find out more..

    Its either that or europe cant go to the states because of my bar fight record when i was younger ...and now im disabled can't do much except research ..

    any experiance with the clinic in belgium do they still do the GC MAF stuff I want to try and do the yogurt too...

    MY CD 57 was low end when i got it tested before

    I take wormwood few times a week seems to help briefly

    I have yellow and red coming out of my nose and thats when i know i should flush my nose with saline and wormwood and take wormwood droppers...

    I also started taking 37 % high CBD oil i ordered from vancouver under my tongue. and on my elbow where theres psoriasis looking thing which helped with the inflammation 70 % better then before on my skin...

    thanks for your replies if you guys have the energy or time to do so.

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