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Need help re: world-wide shortage of the product/ingredient Daosin

Discussion in 'Mast Cell Disorders/Mastocytosis' started by Gingergrrl, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. yeswehave8


    I can ask. I do use Atarax sometimes (we have a TON of it, as it was prescribed to my daughter for anxiety). I would have to ask about the other.

    The Umbrellux is still sitting here unopened. It has a lot of fillers and it makes me nervous. Have you tried yours, yet? Based on the maker, I assume it is the same as Daosin, just under a new label.
  2. Gingergrrl

    Gingergrrl Senior Member

    Atarax is a first generation anti-histamine (like Bendaryl) except for me it does not have any of the horrible side effects of Benadryl. I had to take it constantly when my MCAS was severe but now I only take it as a pre-med for IVIG. It is used off-label for many other things too.

    I ordered the Umbrellux DAO and it arrived but I still have my old bottle of HistamAid by 88 health products. Whenever I finish that bottle, I will be trying the Umbrellux version since that is not the only one you can buy in the U.S. It definitely has more fillers than the original Daosin but it seems to be the same as the other versions that I bought once Daosin became unavailable (like Histamine Block, HistamAid, etc). I wish it did not have all of those fillers either but no choice as far as I can tell. I use it mostly now if I try a new food, eat in a restaurant, or on the days I have IVIG when I eat dinner vs. a regular day.
  3. Mimij67


    Thanks for the DAO discussion. I really hope those with MCAS look very closely at gut infections via GI Map DNA stool test (specifically! not other ones!) and Parawellness parasite test. Bacterial overgrowths and parasites and h.pylori are the biggest causes of histamine intolerance/mast cell issues bar none. Dont believe me? Read Alison Vickery's blog and work. She is having huge success with MCAS by treating gut infections. A lot of Functional doctors too. The bacteria overgrow from dysbiosis, stress, poor diet, history of antibiotics and this leads to massive histamine production. (in addition to any genetic predispositions). GI Map test. Get it done ! Treat h.pylor first if you have it, then parasites then gut bugs!
  4. hixxy

    hixxy Senior Member

    DaoFood (on ebay) seems to be the cheapest available now. I've just ordered some but unfortunately it's in tablets with more fillers so I probably won't tolerate it.

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