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Need for Oxygen-Detoxification+Gut/Virus Issues

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by bertiedog, May 28, 2012.

  1. bertiedog

    bertiedog Senior Member

    South East England, UK
    I posted this on the thread as to why I am doing so well with oxygen and thought it might be useful to post here too -

    I read a very informative article from the Medical Insider which I think has helped me to identify why it might be that I need oxygen and wonder if others have worked out why they benefit from oxygen?

    In the section about Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) it says that this is an endotoxin equivalent to Hydrogen Cyanide and the reason for having high levels is the action of bad bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites fermenting sugar in the GI tract. As H2S is a natural byproduct of various bodily processes (producted by the brain, pancreas and GI tract) it plays a role in regulation of the blood pressure, body temperature, vascular smooth muscle, cardiac function, cerebral ischemia and in modulation the HPA axis (most of these involved in the POTS I suffer with),

    Because it is a natural substance oxidative enzymes exist in the body capable of detoxifying H2S by oxidation to harmless sulphate. Elevated levels of H2S in the blood and tissues show that the body’s oxidative enzymes cannot effectively deal with other chemical toxins from the blood in addition to the H2S (from bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites) or chemical drugs. All this causes damage to the mitochondria thereby blocking oxygen from binding and stopping cellular respiration.

    Many of you may remember in 2009 Kenny De Meirleir brought out a simple home test to see the level of H2S in the urine. I remember mine turned dark black very quickly which meant I had high levels of H2S. However I am not sure if anybody has replicated his work regarding H2S?

    In addition a test I had on Cardiolipin Function which looks at the Cytochrome C Oxidative enzyme which is involved in ATP production and it showed that I had low numbers of this enzyme and 50% of the ones I had were being blocked by nickel. I also had raised nickel in my red blood cells. Dr McClaren Howard who did the test said that the nickel could basically stop the Cytochrome enzyme from working properly. I have read that Dr McClaren Howard recommends the following to get rid of the nickel -
    500 mg L-Methionine beforfe breakfast
    500 mg Reduced Glutathione
    30 mg zinc
    500 mcg Selenium
    I have to do this for 1 month and then in month 2 repeat it at lunchtime. After 3 months retest.

    Unfortunately for whatever reason I have been unable to get rid of the nickel or the mold I have in my gut despite rotating anti-fungals since 2008 and also good probiotics. Could it be the low oxygen environment stopping my cells from dealing with the mold and the nickel?

    The above seems to fit together but I am also aware that Dr Lerner has demonstrated that Herpes type viruses stop the cardiac function from working as it should and that by treating them with anti-virals improvements can be made in a percentage of patients. As I do have raised antibodies to Cytomeglovirus I recently started Immunovir to cover that possibility. It certainly is a complicated picture but I think I now have some idea as to why I am benefitting from oxygen and likely to for quite some time until I can fix all these problems. If I cannot fix them then I guess I will be breathing oxygen for the rest of my life.

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