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Nac & hives

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Anne23, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Anne23


    Hi everyone,
    I have been feeling sluggish and have had brain fog ongoing, so I tried NAC. The previous night I took one nac tablet and felt slightly strange but fine. Last night I took another (600mg) tablet and a sublingual glutathionine.
    By morning I was itchy starting with intense scalp itching now hive like rash all over my body, it has stablised.

    In the past I have suspected sulphite allergy due to getting a mild rash after certain white wine and beer.

    I'm confused is this an allergy? A herx reaction?


  2. Carl

    Carl Senior Member

    United Kingdom
    NAC does have an effect against biofilms causing their deterioration which would cause a greater absorption of things going though the digestive system. That would cause a greater immune reaction. BTW NAC is used in some pharmaceutical anti biotics.

    I started taking NAC a few/couple of days back and my mood has become dreadful. I stopped taking it today to left things recover. I took it to benefit Glutathione production but it has some very negative effects on my mood. There are other potential benefits but it makes me feel like shit.

    I very much doubt that it is a herx reaction. Many make this false claim whenever they experience anything negative and I do not believe that in the majority of cases that it is what it is.

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