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My Injury and surgery list

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Tired of being sick, May 23, 2014.

  1. Tired of being sick

    Tired of being sick Senior Member

    Western PA USA
    Injury history:

    Motorcycle accident
    Knocked unconscious for 30 to 45 minutes (I Believe this caused Narcolepsy,CFS,
    Sleep Apnea, non restorative sleep or unable to reach stage 3,4 sleep)

    Both wrists were broken(left required surgery(compound fracture) also lost all control of left arm
    for close to a year.Dr Searfoss told me I had permanent nerve damage and
    would never be able to build left muscles back to natural strength.

    6 inch laceration on shin of left leg that required stitches.
    Hole in skin down to the muscle of left outer left leg approximately
    3 inches below hip joint.
    Was hospitalized for about a month.(They ran a lot of brain tests on me but I have no record of what they found)
    I could not stay awake the majority of time during my stay..
    The only thing that awoke me was extreme left arm pain
    (cause dr. set arm wrong)
    So then the nurse would come in and give me a shot of pain killer, then off to sleep
    I went until pain awoke me again. which was a viscous never ending cycle
    the entire time I was hospitalized..
    This continued at home ALL summer as well, except there was no pain medicine prescribed to me.
    After the pain left.The sleepiness stayed with me from there on..
    When I returned to school,` slept through grades 7th,8th(twice)9th,
    10th 11th and 12th were a little better but not much..

    I remember falling asleep standing up in the (11th grade)Vocational school while teacher had us huddle around him for demonstration..Then he up and teed off by slapping me across my face!

    6 months later Dr. Searfoss had to re-perform surgery
    because he set left wrist wrong during original surgery.

    1981:2 bicycle accidents within 3 days (Head injuries)
    1st accident
    , I was jumping a ramp while in the air,the front end of bike
    nose dived causing me to go over the handle bars, face plant into a mud puddle
    while the bicycle landed on the back of my head, sprocket first, splitting my head open.
    lost a lot of blood and required 18 stitches...
    2nd accident,2 days later,I was riding a ten speed along the highway carrying a hand saw
    in right hand while gripping the handle bar.
    A car went by and the wind from car blew the saw into the front spokes causing me to flip
    over handle bars and face plant into gravel on side of highway,piece of gravel implanted in
    right side of forehead while the front of bicycle seat gashed the rear of head open in a
    different place than the 1st gash from 1st accident..
    Required stitches in the back of head and right forehead.
    1983: Lumbar deformity discovery
    During a routine physical at Vo-Tech school,Dr.discovered a curve in my lower lumbar
    section of spine.
    Told me to see a chiropractor ASAP
    1986:Football neck injury.
    Led into tackle with the crown of my head while another player made contact at the same time
    on the direct opposite side which caused tremendous force on my neck causing it to crack,
    compacting inward,felt like neck collapsed liken to a turtle
    Chiropractor began treating neck as well.
    1987:2 car accidents within 4 month span causing whiplash
    July of 87 I was pulling into drive way while a car rear ended me at approximately
    45 mph causing my head to violently snap back then forward like a whip.
    Neck was very stiff for about 2 - 3 weeks.
    October 87, was driving around a 90 degree curve on outside lane while a truck failed to make
    turn on inside lane,t-boned me on driver side door and front fender causing my neck to violently snap like a whip
    to the right then snap back to the left into driver door window causing window to shatter into tiny pieces.
    Neck was stiff for about a week and a half
    1991:Knocked unconscious
    I was a passenger on a ATV,
    Driver failed to make a 90 degree turn on a dirt N graveled road
    I only remember right before we entered the turn...
    Driver got me to regain consciousness about 5 minutes after accident
    about 20 feet into the woods, Apparently my body was bouncing off trees
    on the way to its resting spot....
    had bruises all over body but did not receive treatment.
    1995:Another neck injury
    Passenger in a truck.The driver violently veered up on bank then back off quickly
    causing my body to violently swing back then forward like a whip head first into
    windshield, shattering it.......
    causing left side my forehead and partial crown to downward crunch my neck
    Head causing neck to absorb all of the force of impact..
    Put a nice sized lump on forehead , black eye,neck stiffness for a couple weeks..
    2001:Knocked unconscious
    In July I was driving a quad on trail by myself and the next thing I remember
    woke up in the woods with eyebrow area of left eye split open with multiple
    small cuts all over scalp
    Eyebrow required stitches while blackeyed and swollen shut..
    2003:Another neck injury
    I was a passenger in a car with a work partner on a ramp ready to enter turnpike.
    I was looking at my check and the driver abruptly slammed on the brakes causing me
    to fly violently, crown first,into the windshield..
    Windshield shattered and had imprint of the crown of my head protruding out about 2 inches..
    2004:Another neck injury
    Practically Identical to the injury in 1995!

    Surgery history:

    1978 June 13th, Left wrist: compound fracture required surgery of setting with a surgical steel plate with six screws..
    Dr. Searfoss did not set it correctly so had to re-break wrist six months later on December 26th 1978
    Permanent nerve damage and lost use of arm for almost one year..

    1999 March Right wrist: Kienbock's disease
    surgery performed by Dr.Buterbaugh

    Keinbock's Is a disorder of the wrist. It is named for Dr. Robert Kienböck, a radiologist in Vienna, Austria who described osteomalacia of the lunate in 1910.[1]

    It is breakdown of the lunate bone, a carpal bone in the wrist that articulates with the radius in the forearm. Specifically, Kienbock's disease is another name for avascular necrosis[2] (death and fracture of bone tissue due to interruption of blood supply) with fragmentation and collapse of the lunate. This has classically been attributed to arterial disruption, but may also occur after events that produce venous congestion with elevated interosseous pressure

    The exact cause of Kienbock's is not known, though there are thought to be a number of factors predisposing a person to Kienbock's.

    Kienbock's disease is classified as a "rare disorder," meaning that it affects fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S. population.
    Go figure!,Lol...

    2008: Right Ulnar Nerve surgery..

    I believe being knocked unconscious for 30 - 45 minutes in 1978 (at age 12)
    was the beginning of all my problems,and the head and neck injuries through the years
    just made condition worse

    How many of you suffered from head and neck injuries through the years?
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